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The final papers have been approved.

No one has exercised their right to pre-empt the sale.

The money has changed hands.

Now all is needed is a signature next week, and the house will be ours.

A couple of years ago I shared this naive, folk art watercolor I did of our dream home:

dream home

And this is the facade of our dream-come-true home:under a cut because it's big ) We have rolling hills, prairie, woods, nearby mountains, all seasons with white winters... the sea is far away, but we can live with that. Now all we have to do is cultivate the rest of the dream.

I can't wait. When is the moving company going to deliver the boxes!?
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Last night, we signed the papers blocking in the sale for the house.

I will spend many hours fetching books from this little library and reading on that sofa in front of the fire. :D

I spent many an hour going through our boxes (many, many, many book boxes) in order to get ready for the move.*  Today I have to pack our suitcases. Back to Egypt tomorrow.

* When we sold our house in 2006 and moved to Mayotte, we put our belongings into storage at my MIL's place. We've continued to add to that stock over the last 10 years. She has had enough, to say the least. We'll soon be out of you hair, MIL; soon! :D
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Hello and Happy New Year.

2016 was a busy year, full of good and bad. Too much to sum up, even. A few things in no particular order because how can one classify things like this:

We gave birth to Ti'Loup, who is now 7.5 months old.
My mother was diagnosed with esphogal cancer.
My grandmother died.
I wrote a Middle Grade fantasy novel.
We found a house to buy in France (our offer was accepted on New Year's Eve; we have yet to sign the papers).

2017 is the year we leave Egypt and come home, the year we have to declare that we are unschooling Sprout, the year I need to get my picture book finished...

We're in France now, and everyone is sick, so I don't have much energy. I looked back through LJ, but I don't have the energy to comment on everything. Sending good vibes and get well wishes to those of you who need them.
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It is the final stretch of our summer in France. We leave Thursday, and as usual, there is a massive flurry of "must-get-done" stuff going on: visits, camping, loooooooong drives, yard work that includes cutting and prepping wood, stocking a cord of firewood, shifting 4.5 tons of gravel (still haven't finished that one), and putting finishing touches on the big project this year of building my MIL a chicken coop (photos to come soon)...and many other things I'm forgetting.

Tomorrow there will be lots and lots to do, so I probably won't check back in until this weekend, when we are once more settled in Cairo. And then the fun of looking for another apartment will begin.

How are all of you doing? News, please. :)


8 Jun 2015 10:49 pm
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I wanted to post a snippet last night, but we had an electrical storm, which kept me offline.

I was going to post earlier today and then learned about our car being stolen. That kind of knocked the wind out of my posting sails.

I'm going to do it now, though, late though it may be, because I want to look at something pretty before I go to bed.

I haven't taken many pictures in Egypt, but being back in France makes me want to capture all the nature I can, a digital hoard to take back with me to the desert.  So this week, I took some whimsical photos of flora:

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I know we (well, the kids and I) have a long break ahead of us, but it seems like time has caught us up and is flinging us madly about since we got back to France. This is going to sound like a list of complaints, but it really isn't. It's just busyness and things.

the particulars )
All this to say that I had (have!) grand plans for getting some writing and art done this summer, but I haven't found the time or breath or centeredness to do it...yet.  I'll get there, though.  
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When we arrived in France last week, I was struck by all the flowers in bloom. My first thought was of how different places have different spring colors. The very next day, [livejournal.com profile] asakiyume posted about the very same thing.

Here is a sampling of spring on this side of the Black Mountains:

Of course, my bouquet-making urge is in full swing. I love a little bit of country inside, and when we get our Someday Farm, there will be flowers aplenty, with some planted just for cutting.

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Time to head to the shower then bed, for lo, the alarm will sound at 3:30 a.m.  J and I will have to lug two kids and all the bags down four flights of stairs because the elevator has been out of commission for almost a week.  Going to refuel for a day (hopefully half a day) of traveling.

But this time tomorrow, I'll be in France, listening to a chorus of night-loving insects instead of incessant car horns.  Can't wait.

Catch you from the other continent...

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Our Internet service was suspended (at our request) earlier than planned, last Sunday, so I wasn't able to post before we left Egypt. Due to our airline engaging in gambling, yesterday's travels could have been hell.* But we overcame. Once the initial anger engendered by the "oops, we overbooked and you are screwed" faded, we kept our calm and did our best to stay in a good mood despite having to travel for 14 hours instead of 7 with a baby and small child.

Now we are in France and life is good.  Last night and this morning, I could literally feel tension melting out of me. Even the muscles in my hands loosened. Amazing feeling. This morning we had breakfast by a lake, and Sprout fed wild ducks and cavorted in the water. We took a nap in the grass under the trees. We listened to silence and birdsong, and even Sprout remarked several times, "there aren't any klaxons here!"

Oh yes, life is good. Will be here and there for the rest of the summer.  Be well, my friends.

* I'm busy relaxing, so I really don't feel like ranting so I'm not going into details.
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I'm a-gettin' ready to put 'em on.

Only 5 weeks and 4 days until we arrive in France. Not long at all now! At the end of this month, we going to spend a couple of nights on the coast of the Red Sea to break things up even more. Looking forward to it, let me tell you.
This is what my summer days around the mil's house are going to look like:

(click image for larger, non-pixellated photos :P )
tarn snapshot

...spending countless hours soaking in the abundant flora and fauna; making bouquets; hiking on the mountainside; splashing and playing in the lake; exploring old cemeteries, ruins, villages and medieval towns; not to mention wildcrafting and cooking my finds. Oh! And speaking of food, let's not forget all the charcuterie and cheese I'll be indulging in now that I'm no longer pregnant!

Since J will be with us the first month, there will also be days of roaming far and wide, visiting friends and possible places for our future abode. But we'll make sure to make it back to the mil's house in time for the Bastille Day fireworks in Carcassonne:

bastille day carca

We may hear fireworks every night in Cairo, but nothing here can beat this awesome display.

I'm positively giddy with anticipation.
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A post of this and that:

--> Found out who was messaging me on Yahoo! Turns out it was someone I know, which is a relief.

--> We are going to the Cantal for a couple of days, starting tomorrow. It is an area of France that we really liked when we visited a couple several years back for one of our anniversaries. We might like to settle there, so we're going back to see if the second impression is as good as the first.

--> Our time in France is almost up. I can't believe we have to fly back to Cairo in less than a week. All of us are trying to put that fact out of our minds. Which is sad. Very sad.

--> I didn't forget Snippet Sunday yesterday, but I was feeling a bit ill (I think lunch at the restaurant for my fil's birthday was a bit heavy; something didn't agree with me, in any case).  If I had posted, I would have talk about progress made on the blanket and the lovely time I had attending a fabric-dyeing workshop at a textile museum in a nearby village. A post about that will be forthcoming, I hope.  But first, off to the Cantal...
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Sprout and I arrived safely in France on Friday, after a long delay in Paris due to suspect baggage (not on our flight) and baggage that needed to be unloaded because of no-show passengers (our flight).  Sprout was an angel and a joy to travel with, so no worries there.

We spent the first two days here eating well, catching up with family, and just enjoying nature. However, my health has been blah. First wonky sinuses, which could be due to air travel I suppose, then a headache on day two, and stiff and achy shoulders and back today. My theory is that my body is detoxing.  May be a total crock, but the French embassy hired a study done on the pollution level in Cairo: The results showed that the air is so filthy that it has the same effect on our lungs as smoking a pack a day of cigarettes.  So, yeah, maybe not so crazy after all.  I hope the ick passes soon.

In other news, I DID create this week, but I'll post about it tomorrow.

I hope everything and everyone is well in LJ-land.
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This a journey through photos post so I shall put it behind a cut.  Come in and walk a while with me.

If there are road signs, they are few )

Photos: 1) Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM, USA; 2) Kemmerer, WY, USA; 3) Wheatfield near Vinon, France; 4) Capitol Reef, Fruita, UT, USA; Yellowstone, WY, USA; 5) Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia; 6) World's deadliest road, Bolivia.
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A scene-setting photo of the special spot, a panorama to try to capture some of its geologically-crazy glory:

(click to see larger photo)

All the stuff in between )

sun and moon

Sourdough, surf, sand, swimming, sunsets...a very satisfying Sunday all around.
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For lunch, we have sourdough pasta, which the Sprout helps roll out.  We take a hilarious video of her weilding the rolling pin; sadly it is not yet edited. Perhaps I will post it along with the recipe for the noodles.

While the Sprout snoozes, I slip through the shadows, down hills and up, to our special spot on the coast.


Amongst the things I see there is this:


Can you guess what it is? Find out in part 3.
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First, sourdough pancakes for breakfast. We need a bellyful of fuel for the busy day to come. After licking (just kidding) the last drizzles of maple syrup from our plates, we head to the bay. Other surfers are leaving, making more room for J on the waves.  While he paddles out, the Sprout and I go a-bird tracking. 

surf and birds

The tractor that cleans the seaweed and small rocks from the tideline scared the ruddy turnstones before we could get close enough for pretty pictures. We decided to do some art on the beach instead.  Photo of finished project coming your way soon(ish). 

beach art

Art on the beach is fine...for a little while. Then you need to play with the sand. Building things is fun. Like a sand fish. The sprout added a mouth and turned it into a sharkfish, but then the waves came and ate it.

sand fish

Time to get revenge on the waves before heading home for lunch.

playing in the surf

That chapel-esque structure on Sainte Barbe is nothing of the kind. It is some sort of housing for a power or water unit...or something. I wanted to verify the last time we walking up there and forgot.

The rest of the Ss in post number 2...
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Yesterday was stifling; heavy air, 38 degrees Celsius/100 F. It was heaven to go down to the beach and wade up to my knees in the cool bay. See-through shrimp and tiny fish came to nibble at our feet. Who needs to go to Thailand or a spa and pay to have their feet immersed in a fish tank?

Last night, thunder rolled omniously; lightning purpled the looming clouds. Wind snatched leaves from trees and tossed them like confetti to greet the coming storm. The storm disappointed, spattering us with only a few drops before going somewhere else, where the party was perhaps better.

Disappointed, I closed my shutters, left open the better to watch the light show.

We woke up to a day that topped out in the low 70s, the sky still gray from last night's unkept promise of rain.

The Sprout and I had sourdough pancakes for breakfast and then headed to the seaside to pick a bouquet.

photos )

We came home with this cyberbouquet of flower photos to share with all of you and , this last one in particular for you, [livejournal.com profile] pjthompson, if you want it :)


Oh, and my new icon. Brio. I like a little brio in my life.
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On Sunday, while sitting above the waves, these (unedited) lines occurred to me:

She no longer had a heart; it lay deep beneath the ocean waves. She had not forgotten her heart, but she would no longer recognize it, now encrusted with white coral, its atria home to ribbonfish.

Then, on Monday, I had a cyst removed from my inner thigh, a cyst I always called my "egg" for the size and shape it had beneath my flesh. But when the surgeon cut it out and held it up to show me (yes, I asked to see it), "A heart!" I exclaimed to myself. "It looks just like a monkey heart."[2]

The one thing has nothing to do with the other, but it is odd how our minds work and give us ideas, images, or snippets that  resound with us across days or weeks in totally different contexts.

[1] Yes, I know that is not a monkey in my icon; it's a maki (lemur) from Mayotte, but it is the closet thing I have. :P
[2] I actually don't know what a monkey heart looks like.
[3] Yes, I know there is no 3 above, but [livejournal.com profile] frigg, you are not getting a picture of the incision. Just because J shared his doesn't mean I have to. :P
[4] [livejournal.com profile] khiemtran the prostetic spit testicles will be another operation. :P

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Julien happened to see a mythical llama. Knowing what a rare and lucky event he was witness to, he scrabbled after the only materials within reach--a pen and newspaper--and valiantly, risking life and limb to the creature's horrific ejaculations of saliva, sought to capture its likeness so that the curiosity of my flist might be satisfied.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a mythical llama:

mythical llama

Those are not earrings, those are, and I quote, "testicles that allow the llama to hold more spit." *rofl*

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Conversation, follow up.

I was typing a response to [livejournal.com profile] asakiyume in my last entry, when I turned to J for inspiration:

M, not giving J any context: What mythological creature would you compare me to?
J: What?
M: An ogre?
J: What!?
The priceless look of utter confusion on his face makes me choke on my tea. Which I find so hilarious I choke even harder. I am finally able to spit my tea back into the cup without spraying it all over my laptop. I literally can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard, simultaneously choking on inhaled tea.
M, able to stop laughing long enough to ask again: Well? What mythological creature?
J: A llama.


Then I laughed so hard I peed my pants. 


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