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OK, completed NaNo.

I have a first draft of my MG fantasy novel now. It needs some details but is complete at 51708 words.

Yay, me.

Will be setting it aside until February, I think.
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I worked quite a bit on sketching this week, but I could have concentrated more than I did on the illustrations for my picture book.  I did 18 doodles and only filled one page of my (admittedly large) project sketchbook. I finished the hedgehog, too.  My take-away lesson from the hedgehog is: Planning is important. If I don't plan something, I shouldn't be disappointed or discouraged if the back- and foreground are not integrated.  So, even if I'm doing something to horse around, I might want to think it through a bit more.

Some visuals of this week's work )
This week's goal is to concentrate on the picture book illustrations and do a doodle a day.
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I didn't post earlier due to a crazy busy social calender. I swear we've had more visits and outings since Ti'Loup was born than in all the years prior. This is what comes of getting to know people in real life, apparently. :P

This was a pretty busy creative week for me.  I started a Doodle Book, different from a sketchbook in terminoloy only. The point is to doodle with purpose (and from real life), and by calling the work doodles instead of sketches, the pressure of creating something "nice" and "worthy" is relieved.  I got the idea off YouTube. It seems to be working well for me. The only thing is that I haven't worked in my picture-book-dedicated sketchbook in probably more than a week. I need to get back to that.

I also did some pencil reference sheets, meant to help me get a better handle on the brands and types of pencils I have.

And because I had fun experimenting with ink last week, this week I continued that by starting on a hedgehog:

I might forget to check this, so perhaps there is no point in posting a goal here, but in hopes of making more progress on my project, I'm going to declare that by next week, I will have finished this hedgehog and made at least 10 doodles and 10 project-relevant sketches.  There.  I've typed it up. Now I must come through. :P
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No surprise here that last night was a pretty crap night. I fell asleep a little after 11, only to be startled out of bed by our bawab calling on the interphone to say J had forgotten his scooter outside. I was so sleep fuddled that I didn't know where J was--he was in bed--and told the bawab that I had no idea when he'd be home.

Then Junebug woke up at 2:15, then 3:30, maybe because of the vaccination he got yesterday. At 5:15, I could have sworn I heard someone ringing our doorbell. I checked, but no one was there. I fed the cats and stumbled back to bed.

5:45 and my eyes popped open, my brain saying, Hey, aren't you supposed to be writing?

I told the brain to shut up and go back to sleep because Junebug didn't need me yet. The brain started thinking story, though, so I got of bed and had my best writing morning yet.

Everyone slept in, and I was able to finish up the chapter. Well, finished all of it but one page before the peace was no more (completed it a little bit later).  I don't know that rising early has become routine for me, but my body seems to be helping the brain in making it happen.
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Why is it that any time I make a plan, I can be sure something will come along to scuttle it?

Four days ago, I started on my quest to write early mornings. Since then, I've succeeded exactly 1.5 times. The first day I already wrote about. The second morning was a wash because Junebug had a fever* that kept both of us up late, so I was too tired to get out of bed early. The third morning was better, the most successful of them all, and a good indication of how things might go if I can ever get on a roll with this plan.

This morning was a no-go, again due to interrupted sleep: Sprout waking me because she was thirsty and then repeatedly dealing with Junebug's fever.

I have managed to finish chapters one and two and quite like the flow between them. Now I'm starting on chapter three, which is the block I just couldn't get past last time I was writing.  This time around, I'm just going to keep writing until I hit upon something I like. If I write thousands of throw-away words in the meantime, so be it.

* It doesn't seem to be anything serious, just teething
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I've decided I'm going to try to write in the mornings, when Junebug wakes me for a nursing session. This usually happens around 5:30 or 6, and I try to fall back asleep afterwards. The plan is to let him go back to sleep but stay up myself and write while the house is still quiet and distraction-free.  I've been trying to write at night, and my insomnia is having a heyday. Story-making is not conducive to the calm thoughts and empty(ish) mind I need to fall asleep.

This morning, I woke up by myself at exactly 5:30, expecting to hear Junebug. Nothing. So, silly me, instead of just getting up, I dozed until he cried at 6:20. I nursed him and put him back to bed around 6:40, but Sprout got up. :-<  She was pretty good about leaving me alone but didn't give me the 100% solitude and calm I craved.  Then of course Junebug got up at 7:30.

My first try wasn't a success, but I'm aiming for an early night and a second go in the morning.
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Been a while since I've posted one of these, hasn't it?

I've been plugging away at my book, doing character sketches and writing. Tonight, I achieved First Draft. This coming week, I hope to have a second draft finished and 7 more reference animals sketched.

My laughable moment this week was when my MIL said, "You aren't done yet? I thought you said you had all of your animals picked out and researched."

Um, yeah. Now if only the text would write itself and the pictures would paint themselves, all in impeccable and enchanting style. :P

J will be arriving Friday, so I might not get as much done, and I might forget to snippet again next Sunday.
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We had a good but busy time for the past couple of days, so I haven't been here to wish people a Merry Christmas. So, a wee bit late, but not:


As 2013 comes to a close, I've been thinking about 2014 and what I would like to accomplish. Then last night it occurred to me:  2014 should be the year of "Icing."

I am not going to make goals.
I'm not going to obsess over what I "need" to do.
I'm not going to apply unnecessary pressure to myself.

I'm having a baby at the beginning of the year, and taking care of a newborn is a lot of work. I don't need to add stress to that by feeling like a failure when I don't meet self-imposed goals.
Therefore, in 2014, I'm going to be the best mom I can be to my children, the best wife I can be to my husband, and the best friend I can be to myself...

Everything else, any accomplishments, projects finished, etc. beyond that are all going to be icing on the cake.

Bring on the New Year.
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It is 4:18 a.m. here. I have just finished the chapter, a whopping 7095-word beastly beast. 5000 of that was written this evening.

Excuse me while I crash.

Editing shall happen. Just not tonight...er, this morning...zzzzzzzz
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And here you thought all I could post is donkey art. :P

While I think my illustrations definitely count as snippets of my weekly creative output, I'm also going to post a word snippet because I've been writing on that chapter I vowed to finish this week. Technically, my week is gone and done and I have failed because it is after midnight here. However, according to my rules--and since I'm the one who made the promise to myself, my rules are The Rules--my week is not over until I go to bed (well, sleep; I'm already in bed). So, a short pause from wordslinging to snippet:

      Sola hoped she had the sense to stay away from the Academy and out of sight for a while.
      The trader glanced between the retreating scribe and the hulking shadow. Desperate, or stupid, the trader advanced on the shadow. “Who are you? What is it you do, always watching me?”
      Without deigning to acknowledge the trader’s existence, the shadow resumed his place beneath the rain tree. The trader followed him.
      Stupid, Sola decided. Fiercely so.

And now back to writing. Finish chapter or bust!
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Once upon a time, I wrote down a children's story for J.

Once upon a time, I told him I would have that story illustrated by the end of 2012 (after promising spring of 2012 :-< ).

Time and again, I have failed to keep my promises because I have never hit upon an illustrative style that pleases me for the narrative. This is due to the fact that I have so far only done random little sketches.

Obviously it isn't by doing halfhearted once-in-a-while sketches that I am going to find a style that suits. Enter: 30 Days of Donkeys.  One of the first "images" that occurred to me in relation to this story was a donkey wearing mittens on its ears, so I am going to use Donkey as my muse. For the next 30 days, I will be doing one (or more if I have an idea that fires me up) donkey illustration per day in hopes that I shall, at last, home in on the type of art I want to do.

1 Donkey Colt
"Donkey Colt," acrylic paint and ink
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This week I read the 60K words I have on WW book 2 and then started a new opening scene to that book.

I just wrote this, so it is rough and raw and seriously lacking in setting and such. Whatever. Time to fill in and polish later. :D

“You smuggled the trader out,” Lelo hissed to Sola, holding the sapient by the arm. “If you got him out, you can get my mother out, too.”

Sola did not fight Lelo’s grip, even though it must have made her uncomfortable. In a toneless voice, she answered, “Then I was going toward my creator, going home. No one will believe I’m returning to Settlement Town now.”

“They will if they think my mother sent you. Tell them she wants to you see the Songwall yourself, or…or she wants you to carry a personal message to Ario.”

“What message would she have me carry to the dead?”
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This is "old" writing, as in not written since I started putting up snippets, but I'm too drained from the recent visit, traveling, and head cold to drag any new words onto the screen.

From book 2 )

I hope vow to have new words by next Sunday.
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Posting in a hurry. Heading out the door to the mil's.  Will be gone for a week (hope I don't forget the post next week; it might be late), and then will be back with friends, so I shall be scarce for two weeks.

Snippet from Witherwilds )

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In case you forgot or didn't see it buried at the end of my long writing update post, tomorrow I'm going to be posting a snippet from my WIP, as is my friend [livejournal.com profile] frigg, who's journal is locked (:P) It'd be cool if you'd join us by posting a glimpse of your current creative endeavor, be it writing, painting, or a photograph of your project to mosaic all the trees in your garden, whatever...

The point is to inspire and be inspired enough to keep up your creative momentum.  If you are interested, just post in your blog with the subject Snippet Sunday.  
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Tomorrow, I will resume writing. Ever since I finished that round of [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 after coming back from Albania, I've had a hard time getting back into it.  But the time has come to buck up and get on with it.  I will be posting about my progress on my update filter because I miss doing that. I like looking back on what I've said and what I've thought about my projects, and I haven't been doing enough recording of late to be able to.

It has been a long time since I've used my update filter, and I have a lot of new friends since then.  The filter is opt in, so if you like reading about that sort of thing, pipe up. I'll understand if you don't. For those of you who were on the filter before, no worries or hurt feelings if you want off. Just let me know.  If you can't remember, all you have to do is wait to see if you can see tomorrow's locked post. :P

So, what do I hope to accomplish?

500 words a day, five days a week, giving me a weekly total of 2500.  I may not update every day, but I will check in once a week at least.  Please feel free to badger or encourage me and to let me know how your writing is going.
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The [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 round I was participating in came to an end yesterday.  The goal was 69,000; I finished with 69,001. That's with packing, moving house, six weeks living/vacationing in Albania, sickness, and a baby.  Let's just say I'm mighty proud of myself. I am, as [livejournal.com profile] clarentine likes to say, a determined individual.

I learned a lot about my process during this round.  I've done Ni90 before, but this time it really struck me that I am not a writer who needs--or rather should--adhere to the "a writer writes everyday" maxim.  My brain just doesn't function that way; I need time to process, to mull. Writing everyday makes me unhappy and stressed.  I feel I'm suffocating my creativity. I realized this about halfway through, I guess, but (see above about being determined) I didn't have anything of overwhelming proportions keeping me from respecting the commitment to the round and so stuck with it. Another lesson learned being that if ever I need to sustain a "write everyday" pace, I can do so.  Even though, yes, some days I didn't get my words, I always made them up.  If ever I participate in Ni90 again, it will be on my own terms; I'll probably have a word goal, but will plan to have one or two days of simply thinking or filling the well. 

I'm declaring February "Writing Respite Month" for myself. I may write this month--I hope I do--but I will not once think I have to.  

Instead of writing, I will:  Spend time with my loved ones; go on holiday; househunt; renovate a chair for Soëlie; crochet myself a slouchy beanie; and paint/draw.  I will also do some catching up on LJ posts and get around to tying some fabric to my mil's cherry tree (want it to be dyed by nature).  

Short month. One day gone. Only 28 to go... 
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With the beginning of [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 and getting back into making writing a part of my daily life, I've decided to instate, or reinstate, more of a schedule in my life. I am not as productive nor a good steward of my (free) time when I don't have a "job" with a boss and a paycheck. The days are long and I can do what I will; so most of the time, I end up whiling away hours the day on the Internet. I'm too realistic to think I can say, "I will write from 9:00-10:00 everyday" and actually be permitted to stick to it.  But I can make a list of things that need doing and proceed to get them done. 

I have many projects that are in the works; I need to finish them because I have other projects that I will soon need to get underway for the holidays. Writing time must be scheduled and stuck with but so must time for creating, for exercise, etc. I wear a lot of hats.

Since the day we bought my bike and Soëlie's bike seat, I have been very good about getting out, exercising and getting fresh air. That is a habit that is pretty well set, but with the arrival of poor weather (it is rainy and gray out, a true "fall" day; scratch that.  It's gorgeous out; I had to change into short sleeves), I know it won't be so easy to keep up. I have to make the effort, though, for both Soëlie's sake and mine.

I'll probably post my to-do lists here each day, behind a cut. I know my mundane doings are not of interest to the population living outside my brain, but I like keeping track of such things and I'd rather waste LJ pixels than paper.

So, today:
what to do, what to do )

I want to keep adding stuff, but that is enough for today. I have to have unplanned free moments, too.

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Over on [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90, we are gearing up for another round.  We're starting the same day as NaNo, but our pace will be a lot less grueling--750/day instead of 1667. And we aim for 90 days of butt-in-chair instead of 30.  Care to join us? We'll only bite if you miss your daily goal. >:}

I'm concentrating on prep work for Witherwilds 2 this week.  I feel like a neophyte.  Since the day I decided I wanted to write (10 years ago now!) I've done a fair share of planning, worldbuilding, plotting, and completed manuscripts, but today, looking at my notes, I'm having a hard time knowing where to start, as if I've never committed book before...

Nothing for it but nose to the grindstone. 
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[livejournal.com profile] frigg  and I are going to start art journaling tomorrow. We've promised to do it each day for 5-30 minutes.  At the moment, 30 minutes sounds too daunting to me, but five, I'm sure I can handle.

Art and I have an uneasy friendship due to my fear of failure and desire for Perfection.  I always want to do something right and well the first time, so even silly sketching is hard for me to accomplish.  I hope journaling will help me let go and just "do."

The book I will be using for this project is a testament to how splendidly my grand designs and ambitions can fail.


I began using it for our first trip to Madagascar, and this watercolor, which I shared in this post (link opens in a new window), is one of the only ones in the book:

This unfinished sketch is the next, from our Madagascar trip in 2009, two years later, when a lack of wind caused us to make landfall in a village on the way to Belo-sur-Mer. We spent the day in front of this hut, watching Malagasy life go on around us, then slept that night on the beach wrapped in the sail with our two sailor "guides."

On the way to Belo-sur-Mer

I don't think I'll be posting my journaling--it will be good and, hopefully, freeing for me to know there is no possibility of censure--but you never know.  

Does anyone else keep an art journal?  If so, do you keep it private?  What are your feelings about art journaling? I don't just mean art as in the visual but also writing, etc.


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