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Luna, our rescue kitten, escaped from our yard and was killed by wild dogs. The only comforting thing about it was that we all got to say goodbye, even N'djema, to her little body and don't have to live in constant anxiety.

I'm going to lock this to comments, not bcause I don't appreciate your sympathy but because I just don't have it in me to respond right now.
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aka Luna.

Remember the little rescue kitten?

She was still in pitiful shape before we left for the summer, but three months and many doses of ringworm meds have done her wonders.



N'Djema has come around, and the two play together, but Luna, six months old--give or take a few weeks--can already pin her.  N'Djema has lost weight. We don't know if it is the heat, the extra exercise, or stress. She looks well, in any case. 


7 Apr 2015 09:26 pm
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No bad news from the vet (or assistant, rather, since the vet is on vacation). Other than worms and a severe case of malnutrition--hence the patchy fur--she seems to be all right. She is seven weeks old, said the assistant. We'll go back in two weeks for a checkup and first vaccination.

N'Djema is not enamoured of her, but that was to be predicted, considering the last time I tried to save a kitten in her presence. She has only hissed thus far when formally "introduced," and we keep them in separate parts of the apartment when we aren't there to supervise. 

Meet Luna

5 Apr 2015 10:42 pm
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A sucker may be born every minute, but some of us get to practice our suckerhood every other minute. Or something like that.

Once again, our hearts have softened and we have committed rescue.

Meet Luna:

She must be 4-6 weeks old, a Persian* or Persian mix. She was on the road outside our home, covered, literally, in fleas.** In fact, we thought she was scabby, but no, it was just the mass of fleas around her eyes, in the crevices around her nose and mouth.  All these photos are post-bath, tedious tweezing, and brushing because she is too young and weak to use any flea products on.  She was missing all the fur before, not because of our clean-up, rest assured.

Sprout loves her, scruffiness and all, and she is the one who named Luna--on the spot--because, "I just like the name." J is already calling her Luna Lunatic, through no fault or antics of the kitten's, but it seems like a foretelling. :P

Be at peace, wee one. You are safe here.

She's confined to the back balcony for now, awaiting a vet visit tomorrow. We'll let her meet N'djema after getting a clean bill of health.  That promises to be exciting. :-/


* No offense intended to any lovers of this breed, but I'm not really a fan. Just to make clear that we didn't relent and save her because she looks like something other than a street cat. I can't stand suffering, though, not when I can do something about it, no matter who or what it is happening to.

**Actually, she was under a car and came waddling out to us when she heard us talking, as if sensing soft-hearted marks saviors nearby.

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Voilà my progress thus far.

junebug's blanket2

As you can see, I have help. >:}

Junebug's blanket

In other news, J arrives today!  HOORAY. His flight left on schedule from Cairo, and now to see if the Paris-Toulouse flight does the same.  In any case, we'll all be together again tonight. Except, much to Sprout's sadness, N'djema (our cat), who stayed behind in Egypt to keep the apartment safe.  One of J's colleagues is actually house/pet sitting for us, so that is a relief to know she'll have fairly constant company.
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declares N'Djema.

This morning, I felt her gums were paler and her stomach felt a bit hard. She still hadn't passed stools, so I couldn't judge that and she doesn't want me taking her temperature. So I asked J to take her to the vet.

The vet says she has a sprain* in her front left leg (the back left is the one that was amputated when we saved her), but other than that, he says her internal organs seem to be fine. He told J that if she had internal bleeding, she would have died within a few hours, but I'm not in agreement with that since I know it can take longer, as it did for Tiboy.

Anyhow, she is on painkillers and is taking it easy.

Thank you so much to everyone for your good thoughts.  *hugs*

*It could be a small fracture instead and we'll know in a few days if she continues to limp.
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Last night, the story I told S involved her, in her cat form, jumping after a bird that had landing on the air conditioning unit that is attached to the outer railing of our balcony. In the story, Soëlie as cat, overshot her leap and had a scary fall to the unit on the floor just below us.

This morning, N'Djema fell off our 4th-story balcony. We can't find her. We don't know if she is alive. Please send her good thoughts wherever she is. I want the good thoughts to be that we'll get her back, in good health, for her not to be suffering. That might take a miracle, though, and I don't know if I'll get another miracle where our little 3-legged wonder is concerned.

Julien found her! She seems ok. Now we just have to wait to see if she doesn't have any internal hemorrhaging. We would appreciate your good thoughts to that effect instead. :D

Thank you

31 Jul 2012 10:01 pm
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Thank you to all of those who expressed condolences after the death of Tiboy.

I appreciate your concern and well wishes very much.

I'll be back online soon, but for now, I just need time to zone out...

RIP Tiboy

30 Jul 2012 02:43 pm
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I found our cat Tiboy dead in the litter box this morning.  The vet said he died from internal hemorrhaging, probably from getting hit by a vehicle or ingesting poison. 

The poison could date back as much as three months the vet told me, but I think Tiboy may have been hit. He went exploring two days ago, and when I picked him up to bring him back in, he was fairly quiet and didn't fight that much. The next day, he slept under the bed, coming out only to have some mackerel at lunch time.  Last night, we cuddled on the bed together and he was calm for once, not trying to do his disturbing humping thing on me.* For that I'm so grateful. I already feel guilty enough that I didn't notice he was suffering without having him pass away while I was disgusted with him.

He was a dumb, frustrating, not-very-hansdome** cat, but he was also sweet and affectionate and faithful. I'm going to miss him.

*I could have sworn I typed an entry about this way back when, but a quick search will not reveal it. I don't have the heart to type up an explanation.

** We adopted him in March 2002 when he was only about 6 weeks old from a woman in our apartment building. She no longer wanted him because she was going to get two purebred Burmese kittens. Three cats would have been too much, you know. It is being judgmental on my part, but seeing the woman, her impeccable dress, her airy, impeccably decorated Parisian apartment, it did not surprise me that scrawny piebald little Tiboy, with his wide murky eyes and fur that couldn't decide if it wanted to be short or long was getting the boot. He got better looking with time, and he never lost that sincere affection he showed us from the moment we met him.
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Foot in mouth...

Yesterday at the garden store, Julien was carrying Soëlie on his shoulders--Soëlie who was wearing a pink* turtleneck, with pink-striped tennis shoes and pink-striped socks--and a lady said to us:

Lady:  Aw, baby boys are so cute, aren't they? 
J and I exchanged looks and agreed that indeed they are.
Lady: Sadly I only had one boy.  Girls can be cute, too, but then they grow up and become brats.

Didn't we have a good laugh in the car...

Keeping on with the foot theme...

If ever you are, say, wearing flip-flops and happen to be standing next to the car tires, snapping your baby into her carseat when your husband (or significant other) thinks you are already IN the car and proceeds to drive away, do not--I repeat do NOT--try to jerk your foot out of the way.  Just let the car roll over your toes before you scream or try to move clear.  Jerking the foot away results in a double ouchie as the skin on your toes and your toenails are scraped against the tread.  

Miquela, getting hurt so you don't have to...


About as agreeable as a mouth full of sand...

After two water-n-vinegar baths, two afternoons of sitting out in the sunshine, and an entire spray bottle of odor "destroyer" from the local pet store,  the couch STILL reeks of cat urine.  :-< 
*No, I'm not saying boys can't and don't wear pink, but this lady was not being open-minded; she was making a silly assumption that lead to her putting her foot in her mouth, even if she didn't realize it.
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Just got home today from a quick visit to my mother-in-law's.  Bet you didn't even realize I was gone, did you? :P

Poor N'djema realized it, all right. She snuck into the house and hid in an off-limits bedroom while I was loading the car. She was locked in since Monday afternoon with no food and no water (we always keep the toilet lid down); but she was fine, just very much in need of attention.  Our couch (um, our landlord's couch), however, is far from fine seeing as how she used it as a litter box. One crap and a whole lot of pees.  Half of the seat is drenched in cat urine.  We have two blankets on the couch to protect it from baby messes, but sadly, they did little to nothing for the cat pee. Anyone have any handy tricks for getting rid of the stench?  Please? Why oh why didn't she use the bathmat or the doormat, or even our bed, where we have a waterproof mattress cover??? ETA: The couch seat is a bench with stapled down upholstery, not removable cushions. :(

Soëlie is eleven months old today. She very much did NOT enjoy spending most of said day in the car. However, when we were almost to Bordeaux, she started clapping. A first! My mil said that she and S were clapping along to songs this morning but that S was not very adept at it. She must have been mulling over how to do it because she had the hang of it in the car. Here she is going at it in the backyard, but I didn't have time to tell her it is easier without an oak leaf in hand before the phone rang and cut the photo session short. :P

I've decided that I need to print out what I have thus far of TBU.  I work better on paper, and I think having the physical MS in hand will help me wrangle my thoughts into line about what needs to be done. I usually get excited after doing paper edits, so I'm hoping that gives an additional boost. This is going to be an "anything goes" editing pass, meaning anything in need of fixing can be fixed rather than, say, reading just to get into the story or reading for plot fails only, etc.  Since I'm doing this to generate story love, any kind of inspiration to fix or tweak is welcome.

Art journaling!  I knew I was forgetting something when I hit the post button.  I've been faithfully journaling, through the moves and all, and have only missed a few days here and there due to said moves and one spat of Funk and Fatigue.  I tried doing zentangles* for several days because I had read that some people do them for meditation. I had hoped to use them to enter a book-brainstorming-friendly zone, but that, alas, did not happen. I find it unrelaxing in the extreme** to constantly wonder if I'm doing some "approved, established" pattern correctly.  I also found doing tangles was stifling my personal creativity. For the past few days, I've been trying to do TBU-related sketches, especially creatures and artifacts from the world in order to foster book love...

I'll let you know how that goes.

* You can google zentangles to find out more about them. You might be as unimpressed as [livejournal.com profile] frigg was. :P

** I first typed "in the stream." Um, yeah. That too. :D

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For purposes of transcribing the conversation, I'm going to call the woman who "rescued" N'djema "Catlady" or CL for short:

7:20 p.m. I'm lying in bed, nursing Soëlie and trying to get her to fall asleep; Julien is with us.  The weather is quite warm, so we leave our door open for air as well as for our cats to come and go as they please. We don't hear the gate open, nor steps on the wooden stairs, but suddenly:

CL: Is anybody home?

J jumps out of bed and goes to the door; recognizing her, he says: Thank you for coming!* 

CL:  Oh, you shouldn't have worried. The cat is at my house.

J: That's good news. We were really worried something bad had happened to her.  We put up lost posters this afternoon--

CL: Oh, you shouldn't have done that. He's been at my house the past few days. I started letting him sleep inside.

I go to the door, happy to hear N'djema is safe, looking around, expecting to see her on the stairs or landing.  I say:  So glad to hear you have our cat! We put up posters and asked all the neighbors...

CL looks at me, shocked: There was no need to worry.  She (CL points at the nearest house, where the shutters are closed and have been since we got home) knew I had the cat at my house.

I:  Well, it's the other lady across the street who was feeding the cats for us, and she told us N'djema disappeared Monday.  That was five days ago.

CL: I was thinking that i need to ask you some questions.  I need to know what his name is, how old he is, and how he lost his leg in case I have to take him to the veterinarian.

J and I exchange a startled look. 

CL, oblivious, continues: If I adopt him, I'll definitely need to know those things.

Another startled look between us, and J says: Well, her name is N'djema.

CL: Oh, it's a female.

J: Yes, and we aren't sure of the age, but when we lived in Mayotte, we rescued her and the vet believed at the time she was 9 months old, which would make her about five.  We had to amputate her leg because she had eaten off her foot to escape being tied up.  We also spayed her and had the vet give her a microchip--

CL's shoulders sag: Oh, she has a microchip...

Apparently, she knew the cat was "ours" but was thinking that we hadn't bothered to tattoo her, so fair game?

CL:  She sure likes it at my house. (she then begins to list all the things N'djema can do like get on the furniture, sleep inside, eat all the paté she wants--not good for any animal to get fat, but especially not one with only 3 legs--and she told us about N'djema likes to be with their dog and how she and her husband kiss both dog and cat before going to bed...in short, pretty much making us feel like we are the worst cat owners in the world.)

J:  Well thank you for taking such good care of her. If you don't mind, I'll bring her home now....

CL mentions adopting again, but I say I need to put S to bed and J repeats that he should go and get the kitty now...

Tiboy was thrilled to see N'djema back home and insisted on PLAY, PLAY, PLAYING with her.

On a related note, I mentioned that Tiboy was traumatized, but I didn't mention how the other humans reacted.  J wasn't unduly worried because he thought she had gone walkabout and would be back any day.  I had a bad feeling since we lost Max and couldn't quite shake the fear that tragedy had befallen her.  I was on the verge of tears most of the afternoon, which had a striking effect on Soëlie. She is usually such a smiley, flirty baby; strangers and her doctor are always commenting on that.  But yesterday, she was so sad and serious.  It wasn't until I made an effort to hide my fears over the kitty that she gave me some halfhearted smiles.  It was a trial getting her to go to sleep last night...until CL came around.  Once we had N'djema back at the house, I must have relaxed greatly because Soëlie was asleep soon after despite appearing to be wired for sound but a minute before.



* As I said in my last post, we asked someone to speak to her on our behalf.
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 The elderly lady I mentioned in my last post did indeed have N'Djema.  She came by just now because we had asked someone who knows her to ask about our cat.  Sounds weird, I know, but she doesn't have a doorbell on her gate, and it was locked, preventing us from getting to her front door.  She wants to keep N'Djema and even after we said, "thanks, but we'd like to have her back," she kept talking about it...

But J just went with her to bring N'djema home. At least we know where to look now if eve she goes missing again.

Thanks for your good thoughts and concern.
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Poor Soëlie spent yesterday afternoon throwing up.  Not just spit up, but serious spewing that continued until she was throwing up only the water we were giving her to keep her hydrated.  She was fine otherwise--no fever and was smiley and playing--so we didn't call the doctor.  She seems to be fine today, just a little tired.

And now the news that has tears not far from falling and my stomach in knots. Our little kitty, N'djema, whom we rescued in Mayotte, is missing.  The neighbor who fed our cats while we were gone on holidays hasn't seen her since Monday.  I called the two local vets, and neither has had anyone bring her in.  There is an elderly lady who lives down the street whom N'djema likes to visit, and Julien has passed by her house three times now to see if maybe she our kitty with her, but so far he hasn't been able to find the lady home.

This afternoon, we'll go asking up and down the street and put up a Missing poster at the city hall and bakery (if they let us).  It is a tiny village where we live, and most people know the three-legged mite belongs to us.  Now that we are home, I'm hoping that, if someone has her, they will let her come back to us.

I hope nothing bad happened to her....


"Lost" posters up at the school, bakery, city hall, and on our mailbox.  Spoke to several villagers; no one has seen her... I'm hoping, though, that people will talk or the posters will do their work and we'll hear something soon.

In the meantime, poor Tiboy, our only remaining cat, is traumatized. He insists on being beside us and wails when we leave his sight.
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Our cat Max went missing four months ago, but every time I pass the front the door, I look outside to see if he isn't sitting regally on the landing, tail curled around his paws, waiting to be let in.

Even though I keep looking, I don't believe he's coming back.  Not this time.

Rest in peace wherever you are, Maxwell Soot.
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This morning I dreamed that I was dining on the lawn of a chateau with 15 or 20 very posh strangers. I don't know why she was with me, but our cat N'djema jumped up on the table and helped herself to some blackberry crumble.  She then proceded to hop all over the pristine tablecloth, leaving behind perfect purple paw prints. I was so embarrassed that I hurriedly shoved her off the table...

and woke up with the flat of my hand hitting a very surprised, very undreamlike N'djema square in the nose. She fell between the mattress and mosquito netting, giving me the most deserved affronted look. The poor thing had a time getting her three legs under her and escaping the stupid flailing human who was trying to apologize.


5 Feb 2007 12:02 pm
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says N'djema.  "What's up with all these updates?  Work updates, word counts!  What about an update on me?!?"

Because I cannot stand up against the menace of Miss Barrel Belly for long, here are some
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...actually has a light at the end of it. Diving tests, J's job and his tests, sickness, painful anniversaries, writing, I made it through it all--or I will have once I reach that 50K mark that signals the success of NaNo.

A breadown

After 2 additional dives, J and I got our level two validated--or the practical part, anyhow. We took the written test for the theory, and we still haven't gotten our results back. Despite that, when we went diving yesterday, the monitor "turned us loose" with a level three and we went by ourselves. We were supposed to go from bouy 10 to 8, but the level three had a camera and we took our time. D, the dive monitor, told us not to stay longer than an hour underwater, so we surfaced exactly 60 minutes later and had only made it to bouy 9. :D

J's job:
J is now the holder of a "permit hauteurier," which means he can navigate anywhere around the world. He has three more weeks of training on the police boat coming up.

The Mayotte branch of the French police is the same, organization-wise, as the metropolitan police. J waited two days for his score after taking the test for his licence, and the chief still hadn't called him. So, J took the initiative to call, and the guy says, "Oh, yeah, I had the results the same day and called everyone else. Must've forgotten you." Then, the other day, the same chief calls and says, "You are supposed to work at 4, but you have to go shooting at 1:30." J: No one told me that.
Chief: Yeah, I just learned it myself. Well, in fact, I've known for two days. Just forgot to call you.

So, yeah, organized.

We are over the icky colds now, and the funky red patch on the back of my hand has faded. It should be gone in a few more days. I've been having headaches too regularly for comfort, but I suppose it is because of the heat. I need to drink more water.

NaNo is almost over and I'm sitting pretty at almost 45K I never thought I could do 50k in a month. I know the quality is seriously lacking, but it is nice just being able to lay out the bones of a story. I'm going to have to do major revisions to get it into good enough shape to share with even the most understanding of critters, but bones! Forty-five thousand of them! Yay!

Animal Update:
Kittencat has now been christened N'djema (easier to pronounce than it looks), which is Shimaoré for "good." Kind of a multipurpose word, really. She is out and about and doing well. Our other two cats have more and less accepted her. Tiboy, more. Max, less. Tiboy is now playing with her. Games of chase abound. Max just hisses at her when he thinks she has invaded his personal space long enough. Today is the last day of the fungus medication--Or is it tomorrow? I have to check--and then she can go to the vet for her tattoo and vaccination. After that, Kittencat for Adoption posters will go up around the islands.

I know I don't blog about my pets much, but since Thanksgiving just passed, I'll say that I'm grateful Tiboy is still alive. Thursday he had a run-in with a scooter. He hit the wheel face first and lost a little skin off of his upper lip. An inch closer and I'm afraid we would have been burying him. He hid under the terrace for the better part of the day and I couldn't see what the damage was, but he has since recovered and has even resumed playing tag with N'djema.
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[profile] navicat said that kitty pics are never considered spam on LJ, but since I had already posted adventure pics yesty, I was hesitant to do another such entry.

Anyhow, for those interested


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