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As the mother of three small children, I often find myself wondering where my days and time go. Unsurprisingly, I have a definite answer to where all my energy goes.

These past two months have been crazy busy, though, what with dealing with the whole family being sick with one thing after another. We are coasting along with mild coughs and some eye discharge for the boys. As lon as its doesn't et any worse, l can cope. Ok, from that sentence, uess what key is screwing up on my kelybolarld now.l LWelll, besides the llinsane lllllllll that just inserts itself where elvesl.l...olr clever ...ollr ever it lwanlltls. Does charming things with my auto-correct, let me tell you. And makes it very hard to type. Sigh.

All this because there are no ground wires here in Egypt, at least not in the flats we've had. So every time there is a surge, my keyboard flips out. :( My laptop will also be glad to be back in France.)

And speaking of France...

We learned that despite setting aside vacation days into a special account for the past four years so he could insure having some time to settle the family on our return to France, J's employer insists he come straight to work. This is the craziness that they subject him to in order to not have his pay docked: remain at work until the end of his shift on 31 July, fly out on 31 July so that he can land IN FRANCE no later than 11:59 p.m., and report to work at 8 a.m. on 1 August. The answer to his request to have one day off from his vacation time (not a freebie) was, "Absolutely not."

Fine, we thought, and proceeded to plan out an alternative. J decided to take more vacation time before his termination date to accompany the family back to France, settle us in, fly back to Cairo on the 29th, sign some papers on the 30th, and fly back the 31st in order to be at work on August 1. We even asked the current owners of the house we are buying to move the hand-off date from 2 Aug to July 22. They agreed.

Then we had to look like idiots and ask them to move the date up even more when one of J's colleagues told him to be careful about the dates he was taking off. Apparently, he has to be in Egypt for the two weeks prior to his termination date. So nice of his boss to tell him.

The family we are buying from is super nice and understanding, so we'll leave Egypt 4 July, move into our new place 8 July, and J will spend a few days with us before flying back to Cairo. When he returns to France, he'll head straight to work and will work until the company releases him for time off.

For those who don't know or remember, he is with the riot police in France and is regularly sent on deployment for 3 weeks at a time. This means that we could potentially go for 5 weeks without seeing him. This is going to be a trying time for the kids. First an international move--for the boys from the only country they've ever known, but one could argue that Sprout doesn't remember much of living in France--and then not seeing their father for such an extended period of time.

BUT! We will be back in France. We will have a gorgeous home in a lovely, clean! rural setting. We'll have awesome adventures getting to know a new place. It will be peaceful; we will be in our element.  So good things on the horizon despite the bumps.

I'm to that stage of change where I'm getting antsy, with physical pangs, yearning for this transition to either get more squarely under way or to pass altogether. We should get the boxes from the moving company within a couple of weeks; that will help. As will a more solid move into hotter temps so I can put away all mid-season clothing and bedding.

In other news, I was also been busy painting a lot to raise money for Egyptian charities. I'll try to remember to take some photos and do a Sunday snippet...


14 Apr 2017 03:11 pm
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Despite that I have a permanent account here on LJ, I'm going to be active on DW now because most of my flist has already migrated that way. If you want to keep in touch over there, I'm wayfaringwordhack.

I may or may not post more over there than over here. Life is still in a very busy season for me, even more so since our departure date from Egypt has been moved up by three weeks. Still, I'm going to try...
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Draft the First of Witherwilds is complete, right on schedule, at 118K.

How do I feel?  Well, I don't know.  Accomplished, I guess, but I don't have that high that comes from completing a novel where the story is wrapped up. This is book one of a trilogy, and there is no great and resounding final action that ends the story. It sets up the events of book two. That leaves me with the feeling that all is still open and still to be resolved.

I will not, however, minimize my achievement. So:


And I've made a decision.  Instead of setting the book aside for a mere two weeks, I'm going to let it rest for a month because, really, what's the rush? This means I'll have it ready for betas by Sept 1st.
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This truly will be my last post from Mayotte. These days are filled with lasts, and as used to moving and leaving behind places and friends as I am, I still have an ache in my heart today as I think about parting from our home of the last three years. This afternoon, it is hitting me hard that the final moments and quick visits to favorite haunts are really and truly lasts. 

Here is your final glimpse of Mayotte (posted from Mayotte. I have a few things to share that must bide until I have more time). I took the photo this morning at Badamier Beach after dropping Julien off at the quay for his last spearfishing expedition.

Maybe not what you were expecting, but I don't have the heart for color.

Next time I see you, it will be from the shadow of the Black Mountains in France. Fare you well until then...
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The net connection at Lionel's house is as infernal and unstable as I thought it would be (I've been disconnected four times just trying to get this page open), so I'm not going to take the time to respond individually to all who wished us well. Here is your collective thank you: Thanks for thinking of us! *g*

Two days after emptying our house, we are still in the middle of sorting our affairs. I weighed our baggage and cats today, and we are 40+ kilos over our limit. That means we have 120 kilos of stuff to haul with us!!! Needless to say, the post is cheaper than air fret, so we are in the middle of weeding out some of the heavier stuff and putting it into boxes to mail ourselves. Why oh why did we not do a better job when we packed for our shipping container?

No idea (well, aside from the rush and tiredness), but done is done. We have to live with the mess we still have. Luckily, Lionel flew back to continental France on Monday, so he has not seen the bombsite that is now his house. Our fellow house squatters arrive on Saturday, but for our own sanity, I would like to wrap it all up today.

We have yet to take advantage of our last days here because we are so worn out and busy taking care of last minute details, not to mention because the weather has been horrid with too much wind (our night dive was cancelled! *wails* And there won't be another before we leave) and even hissing, spitting, unseasonal rainshowers. I haven't written since Monday; I'm so exhausted every night that I can't sleep; the mattress we have here sucks so bad that I wake up several times per night with cramps in my neck, back, and thighs. We have had no water since 8 a.m. today... All in all, I'm just ready for this stage to be over.

Enough whinging. Think happy thoughts. Happy. Happy.

Back to work.
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 [profile] mana_trini  and I are moving house today. All the packing and cleaning and hauling our affairs to Lionel's house must be done by 4:00 p.m. Lionel has an Internet connection that is very sketchy and apparently often completely dysfunctional. For that reason, this may be my last post before we get back to the northern hemisphere on August 5th.

If I am not tired out of my mind, which I shouldn't be because we upgraded (with our travel miles) our tickets to business class, I'll make a point of checking in when we get to my mother-in-law's place.

So, I don't see you guys before then, take care. 
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 I'm watching my last rugby match in Mayotte today. Tomorrow, we have to take the satellite decoder back and cancel our subscription. The lady who bought the television is picking it up tomorrow, too. Not a big deal. Without satellite, there is nothing to watch here. Only one channel and we don't have a satellite to receive it.

This morning, Julien packed all the odds and ends that remain and took them to the Place du Congres, where there is a group "yard sale."

Isn't he a swell guy? He went to put up with that hassle while I stay home and watch rugby! :P
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 In 3 weeks and 4 days, I'll be singing Leaving on a Jet Plane, the line "don't know when I'll be back again" being particularly apt. That being the case, I'm naturally starting to look at the island with my goodbye eyes.

Just a few things I doubt I'll be seeing back in continental France:

...A row of bouenis (Mahorais women), employed by the city, sitting in the shade, florescent green safety jackets on over their salouvas (traditional wear, see photo below), masks of powdered sandalwood on their faces, rakes and brooms lying carelessly at their feet...

...an ambulance having a hard time advancing because a man can't get his herd of zebus off the street...

...a lady carrying a box of groceries on her head...
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I just finished the second draft of my second-ever WIP, To Be Undone, which involved a major rewrite from the first slapdash NaNo effort. The total word count is 69,010. Looks like I'll have some plumping up to do in my next draft. Never fear. It is in no danger of getting as [Poll #1029768]
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At last. This draft is COMPLETE! I still want to read over my last three chapters to check for flow before I send it into hibernation, but YAY.  Finished draft. At last. :D

Do not ask me for a total word count because I don't know. And don't really want to. :P I'll work on trimming it down though during the edit, so I will most likely post "words cut" on the update filter. I pray I don't have to post a whole lot of "words added" updates, even though I do already have a whole chapter in mind that needs rewriting.

Anyhow, the plan is this:

Tonight: read last three chapters, make tweaks.
Tomorrow: Set ms aside for 2 wks, and work on another project.
April 7-25: Revise TDD

and then...My mother-in-law arrives for a visit. She'll be here from the 26 April to 15 May.  I do still hope to get this draft edited and sent to interested parties *evil grin* by May 1st, but we'll see.

In the meantime, anyone want to share their full-manuscript editing techniques?


30 Nov 2006 05:23 pm
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Can I just say how much I hate LJ sometimes? Good. I hate LJ sometimes.

NaNoWriMo is over.  For me, at least. So I give you: 

Can someone tell me why, even though I've written almost a complete first draft, I feel like I've done nothing all month? Must but the copious amounts of S.U.C.K. in said draft.

Roll on December. 

ETA: This sounds like I'm down and depressed.  I'm not.  I'm just tired.  I need a nap.  I need to vary my sentence structure.  I need... *zonk*


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