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I guess I can close the link on what to do if birthing one's baby happens unexpectedly at home or in the car. :P

I started having contractions on Thursday afternoon, after a busy couple of hours on my feet. But they were nothing to call the doctor about, coming, as they were, at least 30 min apart and very manageable on the pain level. At two minutes to midnight, a more serious bout of them woke me, keeping me from from dozing off until 6 a.m., after which point they went back to every 30 minutes or so, allowing me to sleep 20 min at a time until 9 a.m.

At a little past 2 p.m., the contractions started coming quicker, if not harder, so my doc suggested going to the hospital to be checked out by the doctor on-call. We arrived at there at 4, with Sprout in tow, leaving Junebug in the care of our housekeeper.

Two hours later, after another swift and hard dilation,* I barely made it into the pool, as my doctor barely made it back from Alexandria to assist in the birth, in time to deliver our son. Sprout was so proud to be part of it and see her new baby brother come into the world.

So Boaz Kaelig** Faure, came to us as befits his name (Boaz = quickness, swiftness; Kaelig = Generous lord). He weighed 3.485 kgs (7.68 lbs) and measured 52cm (20 inches).

I was released from the hospital at midnight and should be in bed, but the adrenline is stll running high. Still, better try to sleep some more. I need it. :P


* Similar to Sprout's arrival in the world, only with much less vomiting.
** Briton/Celtic name prounced "Kay-lig", "lig" rhyming with fig. I wonder, since part of the name is French and Boaz is easy to pronounce, if my mother-in-law will approve. Or will she declare that we gave this baby a "weird name," which is her verdict for her other two grandchildren. :P


1 Nov 2015 05:24 pm
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Last week, we celebrated Sprout's fifth birthday. All parents say this, but, Wow. Where did the time go?  A little update on the not-so-little Miss:

Read more... )

All in all, she continues to be a real live wire...
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I know we (well, the kids and I) have a long break ahead of us, but it seems like time has caught us up and is flinging us madly about since we got back to France. This is going to sound like a list of complaints, but it really isn't. It's just busyness and things.

the particulars )
All this to say that I had (have!) grand plans for getting some writing and art done this summer, but I haven't found the time or breath or centeredness to do it...yet.  I'll get there, though.  
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I didn't forget my snippet yesterday, but we had dinner guests. I cooked all day and went to bed immediately after they left.  I had plans to post today, but Mondays are very busy here.  I'm just basically posting to reference, for posterity, that I've been diligent with my sketching and searching out reference material.

And now I must go for I have a sick baby to nurse. To top it off, he is teething. Always seems to happen in conjunction, that teething and the ick.

G'night, LJ.
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To paraphrase from The Princess Bride, There is too much; I'll sum up...about our trip to Oklahoma, that is.

For three weeks:

We rested, following the sun's rhythms pretty closely, not bothered at all by the yapping of coyotes, which is so much more melodious as it rolls down hills and creeks, echoing off oaks than is the barking and snarling of the wild dogs that run the concrete labyrinth of this city.


(the photos are clickable)

Rest of the trip, this way... )


* Has anyone else been in proximity to an armadillo? There was one funky smell in its wake, and we don't know if it was the creature itself or something it had come in contact with. It smelled like skunk and wild garlic/onions.
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With a big sis like Sprout, Junebug has to learn fast; he has to get mobile!

To that end, this has been a very busy month for him.  The day before we left France (Aug 29), he pushed up onto all fours.  He was moving about then, but only backwards, not having figured out how to advance.

Our first day back in Egyt, he pushed up onto hands and toes. He can take wee "steps" like that, but prefers "the wave." He has mastered an inchworm or seal-flop type motion and gets about really well, following me around the house.

On September 24th, our first day at Anafora, he pushed himself into a sitting position. The 25th he pulled himself onto his feet. He's been practicing every day. Sprout walked at 1 year and 10 days; I think her bro will beat to that milestone by several months if he keeps this up.

In other milestone news, he cut his first tooth today.


He'll be 7 months old in two days.
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Junebug is 3 months and two days old.  On June 3, he rolled over on his tummy all by himself.  He also rolled off his Montessori bed. Good thing it is very low and there is a nice, thick rug to cushion him.

Today, J and Sprout brought home croissants and pains au chocolat from the bakery, and we picnicked at a freshly renovated garden spot* just down the street. After breakfast, I traversed the slackline for the first time. I started trying about a month ago and did all right my first session. My second time, I almost made it across. However, the third time I hurt myself (I think I broke a toe), and that made me leery and unable to train for awhile. Here's hoping I can keep practicing so I can surprise my BIL when we return to France in 2 weeks; he is the one who turned J on to slacklining in the first place. He has no idea that I've started doing it, but he has always maintained that he thinks I'll be good at it since I have a good sense of balance.

And speaking of balance, Sprout has a cool word. I don't think she realizes her "mistake," but it makes perfect sense when one thinks about it. Instead of saying "equilibrist" or "escalade," she combines them into "escalibrist," which is what she is. (She says it in French and English but always with a French accent.)

S on the slackline
* The "garden" is actually a small triangle of land formed by the intersections of three roads. It was an abandoned, overgrown, litter-filled lot when we moved here, but the inhabitants of the apartment building that fronts it grew tired of the unruly mess. Knowing the government or "city" wasn't going to get around to doing anything with it, they cleared, cleaned, replanted, and keep it watered with money from their own pockets. They are generous enough not to complain when our little family debarks for slacklining and running around in the grass.
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[livejournal.com profile] asakiyume, last night, I dreamed we were shapeshifters. You were a veteran who knew what shapeshifting was all about, but I "lost time," and it was you who explained to me that I had shifted...into a bunny!  I wish I would have posted about it right away because there were so many details, fresh in my mind, to record. I know you had two shapes you could do, but now I can't remember them. I believe one was gazelle/deer/antelope... And I know there was a guru and an island and raiders and a penalty for running from the raiders (they were promised a kind of tithe according to the number of people on the island, and when I got frightened and escaped with the guru, they were shorted...) Yeah, it all made a lot more sense in dreamland. :P

But the day happened, and I'm only sitting down now at the laptop.

Julien was supposed to go the Farmer's Market and I was supposed to go to the store this morning, but as we were getting ready, I noticed a putrid smell coming from S's nose, the kind of smell tha that J had when his incisions got infected after his surgery. So, plans changed, and J took S to the doctor. The doctor didn't dare touch whatever it was and told J to get an otolaryngologist (hereafter ENT) appointment instead.  The ENT could only see S at 5pm, when S had an existing appointment to see a dermatologist about a rash on her scalp, possibly eczema, . Thinking an infection trumped itching, we cancelled the dermatologist (who was angry about it and hung up on J).

The unplanned morning visit to the doctor comprised J's trip to Pau (1.5 hrs away) to get his and S's diplomatic passports for our move to Egypt, so he had to reschedule to tomorrow. 

Instead of spending a day alone, relaxing and writing, I had to nap to try to nip an oncoming headache in the bud. It helped only marginally, and at the ENT's office, the headache came back full force.  Not because of anything seriously wrong with S, though, thank goodness.  The little squirt had stuck some stuffing from one of her toys up her nose, and the ENT was able to pull it out in no time.  We were very relieved that the problem was quickly taken care of.  She has to wait until Saturday now to see a dermatologist about the itching.

In other Sprout news, I bought her her first pairs of underwear today. They are too big for her, intended for 2-3 year-olds, and she'll only be 22 months tomorrow. She is very excited to have undies and has had no accidents. She hasn't had any accidents for a while yet, and she often goes to the bathroom by herself without us offering her a potty opportunity, just goes to sit on her potty and does her business. We've been taking her out without a diaper for several weeks now, even in the car, which we didn't dare do before (even though she is diaper free at the house, if we were going to the doctor or the store, etc. we'd put on a diaper just in case). She is not completely potty trained, but she also had her first diaperless nap today.
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The Sprout said her first independent sentence on Wednesday. At breakfast, with a little wind-up chick in one hand and a cup of milk in the other, she proclaimed: "Poussin drink milk." Poussin, I'm sure you guessed, is "chick" in French. So, while she is mixing her languages and hasn't quite grasped the conjugation thing, she is firmly on the path to figuring out how to get her way more efficiently. :P

Some things don't need full sentences, like when she says "chapeau" and puts her napkin on her head. 

Soëlie in Kerchief
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Whenever people hear Julien and me speaking to Soëlie in French and English, respectively, they often ask about her learning two languages. At her age, they ask less about which language she speaks and more about which language she *understands.* She grasps both equally well and is starting to have her own vocabulary, a nice mix of both momma's and papa's languages.

Her first word, besides "papa" was bye-bye, which she said at 13 months.

Since then, she's added, in no particular order:
Baby talk )

bobby (she has a red car called Big Bobby, so all tricycles and such rideable vehicles are "bobbies")

Plus a bunch of other words that she will repeat, but she hasn't appropriated them yet.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] frigg reminded me that the Sprout also knows how to say manana (banana), appo (apple), and weewee (kiwi). :P
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On our world trip, while in Santiago, Chili, J and I took great pleasure strolling around, photographing some awesome graffiti. I always meant to put up a wonderful quote that I found that day and the accompanying art, but I never got around to it. I took a photo at the ornithological reserve in Le Teich the other day that will do the trick now because the Santiago pic is on a hard drive, packed away.  Somewhere.

The whole flock trembles when the black sheep eats the wolf. ~~Unknown 

Speaking of sheep, Soëlie, Manou (or Madame la Maman, as I call her), and I went for a walk in the woods this afternoon, on the flank of the Black Mountains, and part of our path ran alongside the back of a sheep pasture.  I've been doing the obligatory animal sounds* with Soëlie, and she was maa-maaaa'ing her heart out, trying to get the sheep to come to us. Sadly not a one obliged her. :P

*It's been several months, at least three, that S meows, and in Le Teich, she learned to click her tongue to call horses. 

The Video

5 Nov 2011 08:22 pm
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My first ever video. 18 secs long. Not art. Not high-quality*. But I know a few people who will be happy to see the little Sprout in action, namely her papa, who, sadly, missed these first steps...

* The camera's automatic focus does not work in video mode, and it is impossible to hold a camera in one hand, hold the other hand out to encourage her to walk, AND adjust the focus.
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Milestones? I got your milestone, Mommy!

Two days ago, Soëlie started letting go of walls and furniture to brave the world Without A Handhold.  After two steps, though, she'd either fall or lose confidence and crouch down to crawl.

Today, she decided she could do more.

With a tiny tin cup plastered to her mouth in drink position--I don't know how she could see, and maybe she couldn't and that was what gave her confidence to just keep walking--she took about ten steps from the kitchen counter towards where I sat at the dining table.  By the time I grabbed my camera, turned it on, and started dialing up the ISOs, she had already sat down.

I praised her and cuddled her for a little while and then got my settings right on the camera.  I put her back by the cabinets, and she rewarded me with seven more tottering steps. I know there were seven because I have the video to prove it!  First steps unassisted: 12 months. Hooray!  Tomorrow I have to try to get the video online for her proud papa. Too bad he is working in Paris at the mo and missed this momentous moment.

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Like most people I know--ok, I'm exaggerating an assumption--I have a million and one things I'd like to blog about.  I fully intend to share things that I find interesting, beautiful, moving, things that make me wonder, that make me smile, things that irritate me, or things I want to record for my own memory.  But the days slip by and I don't get around to it.  Tonight, though, I want to do one of those record-for-posterity's-sake posts, though, so that, someday, when Soëlie asks, I'll be able to tell her when she did such and such.

Pics and motherly ramblings )

[livejournal.com profile] frigg, [livejournal.com profile] footlingagain, I know I'm supposed to be in bed, but my love called and delayed my posting. :P  Tomorrow, I'll be in bed on time for sure!

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 baby saliva to be precise.

S managed to get the magnetized end of my laptop's power cord into her mouth. Said cord is no longer working, or rather barely working. I just got my laptop to turn on after 2 days of struggling with it.  J is buying and mailing me another, so I hope to be back soon.  In the meantime, the cord is not charging the laptop and my battery is hanging on at 0%.  As soon as someone (who, I might add, stood up today without holding on to anything!) wakes from her nap and gets her hands on my cord, I'm likely to go into Internet blackout again.
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I forgot to post a couple of weeks ago that Soëlie started crawling in earnest, two days shy of being 8 months old.  Instead of wiggling and pulling and rocking herself along, she now hightails it around on all fours, making for interesting times in the Faure household, times which will be even more interesting now that I have to pack and foresee all manner of things lying about... Oh, and did I mention the two flights of stairs this apartment boasts?

Yeah, fun times.

(The Sprout being a goofball during the passport photo session we did while picnicking down by the river, a session which ended up being a waste of time since we printed the wrong format and had to pay to have them redone in Paris. Argh.)

No, this post is not an excuse to put up photos of my daughter; why would you say that? ;)
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Or  tooth, rather.  

Soëlie's first tooth (her bottom right) broke the skin today at exactly 8.5 months. Not an early toother, she. :P

"The better to eat chocolate,"she says, "or camera lens caps."

I've been giving her ice cubes and frozen cherries (wrapped in scraps of cloth and secured with a rubber band) to ease her pains, even though [livejournal.com profile] frigg  says I should give her brownies instead.

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Welcomed back home by spring in full swing. Lovely!

The accompanying allergy attack, not so much.

Jetlag, heat, humidity, mosquitos, and ants aside, Soëlie seemed to like her first vacation*, especially the pool:

After getting her acquainted with the water, J decided she was ready to graduate to full immersion or "jumping" in.

Link to video:

Julien had to add the last bit because it looks like Soëlie is practicing how to say "Papa." She is already making the pa-pa sound, more than she makes ma-ma. I'm thinking papa just might be her first word. We shall see.

* For my part, I'm not sure Martinique was the best destination with a 5-month-old. Maybe it would have been better if we had been equipped to deal with the sunlight.  I stupidly thought we would find a baby sunhat there and didn't search more vigorously for one before leaving.  Not really the season for such accessories yet...
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 Woohoo! Soële JUST had her first laugh, and then had two more in quick succession to validate it. Julien is off spearfishing, but luckily Uncle Mathieu was here with me as a witness.

And to celebrate, a photo collage (not taken today--I'll take some pics later to memorialize the day, though!):


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