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And yet some people might think so when they see what I spend my time doing ([livejournal.com profile] frigg particularly wanted to see how it turned out; however, I suspect she secretly wishes to mock me in public).  Actually this didn't take me long once I got a polo to work with. What took ages was finding a suitable shirt.

I will hide this behind a cut for those who don't think S is cute enough to redeem something rugby related. :P

So, she has her little USA flag, and her French flag, and it is black with the fern for the All Blacks because a) the world cup was held in NZ, and b) that's where she was conceived. And the number 10 is because she was born 10.2010.  And I would rather, if someday she plays rugby, that she has the physique of a fly-half than a prop. :P

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After ten finals where they just weren't able to come out ahead, this time, in their 11th championship match--the fourth in a row--ASM Clermont Auvergne beat Perpignan to take home the Bouclier de Brennus (Brennus Shield).

Yay, Clermont! No one handed you this victory; you earned it!
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 That was France, taking home the rugby 6 Nations trophy, undefeated, thank you very much!

Way to go Les Bleus!
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 I'm watching my last rugby match in Mayotte today. Tomorrow, we have to take the satellite decoder back and cancel our subscription. The lady who bought the television is picking it up tomorrow, too. Not a big deal. Without satellite, there is nothing to watch here. Only one channel and we don't have a satellite to receive it.

This morning, Julien packed all the odds and ends that remain and took them to the Place du Congres, where there is a group "yard sale."

Isn't he a swell guy? He went to put up with that hassle while I stay home and watch rugby! :P
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Dear Sports Channel, 

Let me just say that a sure way to piss me off is to promise me rugby and give me @#"&! tripe from the World Wresting Federation.

You are made of fail.

no frickin' way you're getting love,

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France won the match with the Pacific Islanders this afternoon, but the victory was bittersweet because Nalaga, one of our opponent's best players, was expelled only twenty minutes into the game, forcing the Islander to play 14 against 15 for the remaining hour.

We beat Argentina last week, and that too was a victory that everyone agreed was not belle, even if it was earned.

Next week it's Australia we have to face, and of the three matches in this "Autumn Tournament," that's the team that will force us to prove our worth. Allez les Bleus!

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The French rugby championship came to an end tonight with the finale between Toulouse and Clermont. Although Toulouse is my favorite team, I was sad to see Clermont lose. They are frequently in the finals but have never won. Still, it's been a while since Toulouse took home the trophy (2001 was their last victory), so I'm happy for them.

With the national rugby games at an end and my dance classes offcially over for the year, it looks like things are going to be quiet in the Faure household. Just as well since we need to pack and move, and I need to get back to writing.


15 Jun 2008 01:20 pm
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But a rugby multiplex (switching between games) rocks less. Yesty was the last day of the Top 14, meaning that the teams battled it out for the final standings for positions 5-14, and the television moguls decided to subject the fans to a zapping frenzy on one channel rather than spread the matches out over the three sports channels that they own. Apparently they do this every year. The semi-final will be next week, and my fav team (Toulouse) is in it, currently ranked n°2. I would have watched even if they weren't.  

Since the Top 14 is over, today I'm catching up on the international test matches (SA vs Wales, Australia vs Ireland, and England vs NZ). Tonight is the semi-final for Pro D2 in France to decide the second of two teams that will be joining the Top 14 next year.

What a lovely way to spend the arvy...Except it's hard to sew and watch the matches at the same time.

ETA: Ouch. The southern hemisphere totally dominated the northern teams in that round. But that's no surprise really. While watching the England/NZ game, I heard that England have beat the All Blacks twice in NZ and France have beat them thrice. No other European team nor Argentina have triumphed over the All Blacks while playing in New Zealand. 

France hasn't yet participated in these preparatory matches for the Oz tourny because our national championship is still going on. The team that we will be sending will not be comprised of any players from our top four teams since they'll still be battling for the title here in France.
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Wales won the Six Nations tourny by Grand Slam victory.  Bravo "Les Diables Rouges"!

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NaNoWriMo's April offering, Scriptfrenzy, is just around the corner. I wanted to participate this year, but that was before the Witherwilds trilogy reared its head and bit me on the tush. I guess trying my hand at a screenplay will have to wait. I don't really mind the delay; working on two MSS and a synopsis for a third hasn't left me much time to plan my movie idea. That's another goal that will have to be scratched off this year's sheet.

Speaking of the synopsis, the focus ends today, and I'm feeling pretty good with the synop I ended up with. If you want to see an easy-to-digest list of the points we learned, check out

[profile] hkneale's post "Suddenly, synops aren't so scary."

Another thing that will be ending soon is the fifth round on the [profile] novel_in_90 community. (Never fear, another will start April 1st.) By March 31st, I aim to have 67,500 words (the comm goal) on The Bitter River. I'm almost 14k short of that now, and the problem is that I've hit a slump of sorts. Since I haven't been writing scenes in order, I feel like I'm endlessly repeating myself. I need to bring in another character and tie up some stuff I left hanging at the very beginning, but I haven't quite got my whys and wherefores figured out. Plowing on seems to be the only solution, but I don't know the direction in which I should set my plow.

My OWW membership is up in less than two weeks. Must think to renew.

And, sadly, the end is nigh for the Six Nations rugby tournament. The last three matches will be played tomorrow. France could take it, but we'd have to beat Wales by more than 20 points. I'm not really sure we can do that after the way we played against Italy. Granted a lot of different players have been selected for this match.  However! The 6Nations may be wrapping up, but French season is still going strong so I have lots of Top 14 matches to watch, and the Super 14 (the season for the top South African, New Zealand, and Australian teams) started recently, so I guess I'll get my fix that way. Oh, and the European cup should start up again soon... 

With all the rugby, I feel like I'm watching too much tv, but the sixth season of Nouvelle Star, the French version of American Idol, just started and [profile] mana_trini got me hooked. *sigh* It's a wonder I find time to write.

Oh, [profile] magicnoire, I got my kundalini yoga DVD the other day. I like it so far! (Our DVD player is bugging out, so I haven't got to do all the routines yet.)


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I know I've been rather quiet except for the Wednesday glimpses of Mayotte, but I'm still here.

I'm participating in the OWW synopsis focus group (sorry, too lazy to do links) and am learning a lot. I'm sure I'm going to come away with a usable synopsis for The Traveler's Daughter, and I hope I help others achieve the same. I'm holding off on advancing with Witherwilds until I have the time to work out a synopsis for it. I want all the motivations, arcs, and plot clear and laid out up front before I drown in so much detail I don't know which way is up.

I'm still writing on To Be Undone; I've got 50K + under my belt. Today, I realized that I'm at a point where I can summarize a fair bit and move on to another tack. For this draft, I'm probably very close to the 2/3 mark.

I've also been watching a lot of rugby. Yes, I know, the majority of you couldn't give a flying flip for my favorite sport, but there you have it. One more weekend and the 6 Nations tourny will be over. That went by too quickly!

I've been working on my Spanish, going to dance class, going walking with N, reading...keeping busy, in other words.
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I'm addicted to rugby. What did I ever do without the satellite? I count the days until the next match is televised. Does anyone know of a support group for this kind of thing? No, wait. I don't want to be cured, especially not with the Six Nations Tournament coming up ([profile] secritcrush, here's your chance to watch more international sporting events!). So, amidst the other matches, France vs Scotland this weekend. It'll be the first game for the newly-appointed coach, Marc Lièvremont, and his semi-new team. Lots of kids on the roster. I can say "kids" because most of them are younger than I, some by more than a decade. Ouch. That hurts. So, anyhow, with only a week to train together, we are expecting our boys to lose, but wouldn't it be sweet if they didn't?

In non-addiction related news, I still have loads and loads of laundry to do; some have to be redone to get the stink out. The terrace still looks a mess, but I'm just happy we can pretty much function in the rest of the house. I could have had everything back into shape by now if I wasn't feeling so poorly. So the mess is more my fault, as it were, than from any extreme nastiness due to the flooding. 

I haven't been able to attend any of my dance classes for over a month now, almost two months, in fact. I had thought to go to bellydance tonight, but given my cough and low energy levels, I don't think it's smart. More lazing about for me. Luckily, thanks to my dear friend, [profile] slmcgaw, I have two books to occupy me: The Forest Mage, and Renegade's Magic, books two and three of the Soldier Son trilogy by Robin Hobb.
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My to-do list, to get me off to a good start for the rugby-watching marathon* weekend.

*     Laundry
*     Yoga
*     walk Dziani crater (may not get to do this because of the rain) Actually, we went for a 9km bike ride
*    bake cinnamon rolls for pregnant neighbor (of course I kept a pan for J and I; what do you take me for?)
*    make yoghurt
*    clean the kitchen
*     vacuum
mop -- Oops, silly me showered right after the bike ride, so I didn't do these two. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning...
*    pierce and string some seeds
*    watch Auch vs Biarritz  Auch 11 - Biarritz 17
*    watch Toulouse vs Clermont Clermont 21 - Toulouse 17
*    dump an indeterminate amount of rainwater ETA: 150L 160L  and counting

*there aren't that many matches this weekend, only four or five and at least two of those are England championship games.

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Looky, LOOKY, LOOKY, [profile] footlingagain!!!! I did it! I made my very own animated icon.  Woot!
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Last night, I went to bed for a reason that will be revealed shortly. I was tired but couldn't fall asleep because I'd missed my window. Around 1:30, I was drifting off when [profile] mana_triniwoke me up by tugging on the sheet I'd been using as an extra pillow.  Naturally, I lay there another 30 minutes before falling asleep. Then, J's alarm went off at 4am. I let him get his stuff together and lazed in bed until I could hear he was ready to go. Go where, you ask?  To the Banc de Geyser, a reef five hours by boat off the Mayotte coast, about halfway to Madagascar, in fact. To do what, you ask? Do you really need to ask?  To spearfish, of course.

Because of the high theft risk, we aren't comfy leaving our car at the port overnight, so I had to drive him and bring the car back home. I also had to stay to pick up a surprise for a friend and couldn't leave until it arrived. I stood outside the car, yawning my head off and watching the eastern sky go from black to deep purple bordered by blue-green. The scene would have been lovely and peaceful if not for the drunken idiots who had just come out of a nearby nightclub. One girl kept asking a young man, "Tu es beau? Tu es riche?" Um, hon, I think if you are so far gone you need to ask the guy in question if he is handsome, you need to just drop it. When she wasn't inquiring after his looks and wealth or his nationality, she kept shouting at him to (and I'll put it nicely) sodomize his grandmother, sodomize his littler brother, his big brother, his mother, his sister, his grandfather. I think the only one she left out of her incestous insults was the guy's father. Finally, he and his friend left, telling me in passing that the girls were "completely out of their minds." Yeah, I realized that after 30 seconds. Why'd you hang around chatting them up for an additional five minutes?

I was back in bed around 5am, but what with all the roosters crowing and dogs barking, I didn't fall asleep until after 6. It's too hot to sleep much past 9, so I got up only to have my nap at 4 countered by the thunderous pounding of rain on the terrace roof. I couldn't try to nap later than 4:30 because of the first of the day's rugby matches. See, I knew if I mentioned rugby at the first of this entry, I would have already lost you. :P

 "Day 4" of the H Cup (and the European Challenge Cup), started last night at 9 in France, but that's 11pm here in Mayotte. With halftime and additional minutes, a game lasts between one and a half/two hours.

Friday Night 
Biarritz vs Glasgow : 21 to 14 for Biarritz. 

They seriously deserved to win that game. I don't think I had ever seen such a match where the dominating team was losing, but that's how much of the game went. They finally got it together at the end and stopped handing silly penalty points to Glasgow, so way to go Pays Basque. (By the way, keep the new uniforms. Melikey mucho.)

Cardiff vs Stade Francais :
Don't even ask.

SF, shame on you. That was one ugly match. Messy, messy, messy.

Perpignan vs London Irish: WOOT, les catalans!

In a word: Beautiful. Yes, there were lots of things they could have done better, but after the way SF played, the match looked like magic to me.

Clermont Ferrand vs London Wasps: 25 to 24 for the Wasps

Another good game, but not without its messiness, too. Good thing CF beat the Wasps last week. The two CF tries where they players devoured the pitch were things of beauty.

Up next: Dax vs Castres, two French teams. J comes from a village just 15 km from Castres, so I guess I'll root for them. They seem to be having a tough time of it this season. There's a stupid football (soccer) game running late, so they are biting into the rugby match. Talk about idiotic planning. (ETACastres won; 16-15)

Tomorrow: Toulouse vs Leicester.  I'm looking forward to this one. Last week, Leicester beat Toulouse 14 - 9. Toulouse is probably my favorite French team...

As you can see, an alternative title for this entry could have been: My Weekends Belong to Rugby.

And that, [profile] rabiagale, is why I'm not around in the evenings.
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Watching rugby is *not* conducive to making research progress. Oh, gotta go. There's another match starting in a few minutes...

Think about what I said, Self! Catch you after the game or a good night's sleep.
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Can those on my friends list who do yoga give me a run down of what dvds, books, etc. you use for your workouts?


Does anyone know how to format a letter or journal entry in a manuscript? I read in a source that I'm not really sure about that I should double indent on the left AND right sides. That seems a bit excessive. Any ideas? Italics or no? 


Why is the whole of the Top 14 not shown on the regular cable sports channels? And why is Rugby+ not offered on Canal Satellite Réunion? Even if I wanted to pay €4 a month for the channel, they won't let me. *sigh*


Would any of my friends who have that Query Voodoo (or just a masochistic bent) be interested in shredding commenting on my query, which will--I vow it on the stack of dirty supper dishes--be completed by week's end? I'll set up a filter and stick your name on it if you say yea.
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Few of the Cup matches turned out the way this particular fan wanted them to, but it was beautiful competition to watch, particularly the matches played by the Pacific island teams. Such joy, such energy. No matter who the victory belongs to, it is wonderful to behold on the faces of those who have fought to win it.

Rendezvous in four years in New Zealand for the seventh cup; that's one I'd like to attend in person...
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Well, let's just put the Rugby World Cup behind us, shall we? Oh, wait, one more game to go... But not for the Frenchies. I don't pretend to be a sports commentator or to know better than the players and coach, but ouch. Guys, if something isn't working, trying something new can't hurt...

A big congratulations to the Argentinians. They played their hearts out; they were awesome on defense; they were hungry. They walked away victorious. Sit up and pay attention, World Rugby Federation, and find those boys a tourny to play in. They've shown they merit their place with so-called big teams. Enough already.

What will I do now that the cup is over? Well, the Top 14 starts Saturday week. See you there.


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