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J tried to take my laptop to the repair shop only to be told that they will be closed until April 1st.  The wait is obviously a pain, but the good news is that the shop will be opening a branch in Maadi, where we live. Now J won't have to drive to Doki, another part of Cairo, to drop off/pick up the laptop once it is repaired.  The wait continues.

Hope everyone is well.  I'm keeping busy taking care of my poor sick husband, runny-nosed boy, and making a little crocheted toy for Coquille.  The next 8 weeks are going to pass quickly.
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Not a fun morning; an admin morning.

I had to renew my passport and after toting a God-awful passport photo for the past ten years, I was determined to have a better one this time around. So, J and I spent HOURS on it. No, not trying to make me look better or Photoshop me...just to do the shot, select one, make website formatting tools play nice, and get our printer to work. After wasting sheets of photo paper and buckets of ink, I showed up to my appt with several options, size-wise.  Only to be told that they would not accept my background, which was white with a faint bluish cast, even though the "rules" state that off-white is fine. Argh. So I had to go across the street and have another taken, in which I look just as tired as the whole process makes me feel and all washed out to boot, thanks to wearing a white blouse.  

I was asked to bring along "proof" of my citizenship, just in case. And spent more HOURS looking for said proof yesterday, only not to be asked for anything at all. ( I had sorted all these papers into a special pile, and then, in the move-house frenzy, packed them, instead of refiling them.)

Thank goodness I only have to do this every ten years.

And the lesson of the day: Stick to my guns and only take a taxi with a meter. On the way to the consulate, I ended up accepting a ride with no meter, agreeing to pay 40 LE because J told me that was a good rate.  On the way back, we held out for a meter and only paid 20. o.O

Second lesson: If there are no signs saying which line you should be in, ask. Even if there is only one line.  I stood in the "wrong" line for 30 minutes. I actually had a feeling it was the wrong line but did not make a move earlier because I was waiting on J and didn't want to go inside without him since a) I had his passport, b) phones have to be off once inside. When the time for my appt arrived, however, and I was only five steps closer (out of about 30 more) to the door, I did jump the line and got to go directly inside.  I did not appreciate the slight smirk of the man at the barrier which seemed to say that he knew I was in the wrong place and could have done something about it.

I did get to see something unusual on the taxi ride this morning: A motorcycle passenger sitting sidesaddle, his ankle swathed in bandages, carrying his own foldable wheelchair.
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No surprise here that last night was a pretty crap night. I fell asleep a little after 11, only to be startled out of bed by our bawab calling on the interphone to say J had forgotten his scooter outside. I was so sleep fuddled that I didn't know where J was--he was in bed--and told the bawab that I had no idea when he'd be home.

Then Junebug woke up at 2:15, then 3:30, maybe because of the vaccination he got yesterday. At 5:15, I could have sworn I heard someone ringing our doorbell. I checked, but no one was there. I fed the cats and stumbled back to bed.

5:45 and my eyes popped open, my brain saying, Hey, aren't you supposed to be writing?

I told the brain to shut up and go back to sleep because Junebug didn't need me yet. The brain started thinking story, though, so I got of bed and had my best writing morning yet.

Everyone slept in, and I was able to finish up the chapter. Well, finished all of it but one page before the peace was no more (completed it a little bit later).  I don't know that rising early has become routine for me, but my body seems to be helping the brain in making it happen.
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Why is it that any time I make a plan, I can be sure something will come along to scuttle it?

Four days ago, I started on my quest to write early mornings. Since then, I've succeeded exactly 1.5 times. The first day I already wrote about. The second morning was a wash because Junebug had a fever* that kept both of us up late, so I was too tired to get out of bed early. The third morning was better, the most successful of them all, and a good indication of how things might go if I can ever get on a roll with this plan.

This morning was a no-go, again due to interrupted sleep: Sprout waking me because she was thirsty and then repeatedly dealing with Junebug's fever.

I have managed to finish chapters one and two and quite like the flow between them. Now I'm starting on chapter three, which is the block I just couldn't get past last time I was writing.  This time around, I'm just going to keep writing until I hit upon something I like. If I write thousands of throw-away words in the meantime, so be it.

* It doesn't seem to be anything serious, just teething
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This week was a bit of this and a bit of that and not a whole lot of anything in particular.  I researched some, sketched some, wrote some, thought some, crocheted none, and only sewed up an unraveling seam on a pair of pants, making no headway at all on Junebug's hat, which was supposed to be my project of the week.

I am proud of myself for resisting the urge to sew Sprout a last-minute Easter dress, though.

Today, we went to Al-Fustat Potters Village to meet with someone who will give me some pottery lessons. I also dropped by a design school in the "village" to discuss taking some courses come fall for jewelry making.

Never dull moment. Seriously, what is this "boredom" thing I hear tell of?
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Some friends of ours went to Wadi el Hitan yesterday and filled us in on their visit.  Apparentlly, now is not the moment to go.  Not because of the weather but because of security measures put into effect following terrorist threats. We already put off another trip to Fayoum at Thanksgiving because of scheduled protests.

While our friends didn't feel targeted or unsafe, they were obliged to have a police* escort everywhere they went.  Not exactly a restful way to spend a couple of days, so we are planning to go to Alexandria instead. Been here two years now and have yet to visit that famed delta city. With two young'uns in tow, now might not be the time either, but carpe diem...

* Since police and military are usually the targets of terrorists here in Egypt, it seems pretty illogical--and even more dangerous, of course--to have them as an escort.
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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. We got hit with crud over the holidays, and I haven't felt like doing much apart from the day to day getting by.  Poor Junebug spent his first Christmas sick and feverish and even went to the clinic on Christmas Day. He had either a throat infection or pharyngitis. I got some bit of it on Christmas and was so achy and wiped out that I was in bed by 7:30.  Sprout had lots of bronchial ick going on, and J got periodic bouts of sorethroat and headache but came through mostly unscathed.

Everyone is on the mend now, so we are planning a trip to Wadi el Hitan again (Valley of the Whales) with some friends. It will be much colder than during our last visit, but we are hoping it won't be as windy so that we can spend a bit longer exploring.

I don't have it in me to do a recap of the last year, but this year, I (and J) am striving to learn as much as I can about homesteading, growing a forest garden, and beekeeing. We are also working on being more self-disciplined in how we spend our time, i.e. lots of dreaming but even more doing.

And speaking of do, I have much to take care of before our trip (we'll be gone three days).

Blessed New Year to you all.



Thanks for all the sweet comments on Junebug and his ornament.

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I did two things this week.

First, I played around with watercolors, using lots of different techniques.

Second, I realized the mistake in my previous thinking. I posted last week that I wanted to "retro-fit a background" onto my sketch. It occurred to me that retro-fitting is a recipe for disaster. I must not think of how to back up, if you will; I must think of a way to go forward if I want to make an organic whole.

So, this is the sketch as is:
bird lady2
Hopefully next week, I'll have mustered the courage to put brush or glue or whatever to it.
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Two power cuts today means that you only get a very small glimpse of my sketch.

Oh the irony! The third power cut just happened* as I finished typing "sketch." So... I shall write the text and import the photo tomorrow when the power comes back on.

I'm pleased with the way the sketch turned out and now want to retro-fit a background onto it to make it a more polished/finished piece. I spent the afternoon playing around with different techniques, trying to solidify what I'd like to do. The trick will be doing something that doesn't totally ruin what I already have. :P

bird lady

* And because the power went out, I can now hear a protest which the noise of my air-con was covering before. (Presidential election at month's end.) Beginning of May and we've already had 100+° temperatures two days running. Today I caved and put on the AC.
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Words this week: 0.  Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] frigg and [livejournal.com profile] mindseas.

Art-wise, I started working on a piece that centers around my wishes for our future home, kind of a collection of things I'd like to have, such as bees, a garden, woods where I can find/grow mushrooms, etc. I didn't take a pic of my progress because so far I'm just doing light pencil lines. I'll go back over those with a Micron pen and then apply some watercolor.

We are going to France in Sept for a month and will go property hunting, even though we are not ready to buy.  With my discontent* with life in Egypt and the upcoming trip, I'm in full "dream about the future" mode.

What have you been up this week on the creative front?

(* Over a week ago, I started a long post about this. But felt too blah to post it. Long story short: I don't enjoy the life in this city. Too dirty, too noisy, no "green" places to hang out unless you pay for them...just a lot of different things.  
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Or rather: how things don't work out to plan, to intention.

I went on an Internet hiatus to find a bit of balance in my daily life, and instead of finding some happy middle ground--or being wildly productive in terms of creative endeavors, as I had hoped--I did a pendulum swing to the other side of the divide.  I went from being a near-housebound hermit to a social butterfly caught in a swirl of constant engagement.

Going outside (sometimes in search of the Internet, yet that never seemed to work out) instead of sitting at home in front of my computer led to me meeting scads of new people. Phone numbers were exchanged, play dates were had, eating out with Others was done.  So much so that it was (is) a bit scary, to be honest. I like my hermithood, but I do like meeting people and chatting (provided the people are interesting and not the types that make me cringe. Yes, I've met a couple of those). I've yet to find the sweet spot between the two.

So, we have the net at the house once again, and I'm going to take the next month easy and try not to get sucked back into the "pointless," timesucking aspects of being online.

We shall see if this time things go to plan...

Instead I

8 Apr 2013 11:16 pm
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Today I had a list of stuff to do, you know, get-things-back-together stuff.

I wanted to clean the floors. Instead I lay on the unvacuumed rug and put puzzles together with S.
I wanted to dust. Instead I danced around the kitchen with S and watched cartoons with her.
I wanted to do some art. Instead I had fun with homemade, scented, glittery play-dough, when S would share. :P
I wanted to fold and put away all the clean clothes. Instead I pushed them to the side of the bed and took a nap.

Some times the first thing you need to do when recovering from the ick is reconnect with your kid.

I wanted to get my 750 goal for the day. That I did do.
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I hoped to make this post early this morning, chuckling about the run of ick that I've been facing, but the Nasty had a hold of me until well into the afternoon.

Herein lies (WAY) Too Much Information... )

I have a couple of entries I wanted to write for people, but I hope you'll forgive me for postponing it, yet again, especially, [livejournal.com profile] xjenavivex, the ones concerning recipes. I just don't want to think that deeply about food right now.
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Once upon a time, I wrote down a children's story for J.

Once upon a time, I told him I would have that story illustrated by the end of 2012 (after promising spring of 2012 :-< ).

Time and again, I have failed to keep my promises because I have never hit upon an illustrative style that pleases me for the narrative. This is due to the fact that I have so far only done random little sketches.

Obviously it isn't by doing halfhearted once-in-a-while sketches that I am going to find a style that suits. Enter: 30 Days of Donkeys.  One of the first "images" that occurred to me in relation to this story was a donkey wearing mittens on its ears, so I am going to use Donkey as my muse. For the next 30 days, I will be doing one (or more if I have an idea that fires me up) donkey illustration per day in hopes that I shall, at last, home in on the type of art I want to do.

1 Donkey Colt
"Donkey Colt," acrylic paint and ink
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In my inbox, I have 500+ comments I've been meaning to reply to. I believe it is now time to face some facts:

Fact 1: I do not have the time to answer all of those comments.
Fact 2: Most people probably don't even remember making the comments that need a response, that is how old some of those comments are.
Fact 3: You can state two facts without necessarily needing a third, but 3 facts looks better than just 2.

If you have said something to me in the past that you would really like me to respond to, please nudge me.  If not, I apologize; I never meant to ignore anyone.

In the future, I will try to do better about staying on top of such things.
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With the beginning of [livejournal.com profile] novel_in_90 and getting back into making writing a part of my daily life, I've decided to instate, or reinstate, more of a schedule in my life. I am not as productive nor a good steward of my (free) time when I don't have a "job" with a boss and a paycheck. The days are long and I can do what I will; so most of the time, I end up whiling away hours the day on the Internet. I'm too realistic to think I can say, "I will write from 9:00-10:00 everyday" and actually be permitted to stick to it.  But I can make a list of things that need doing and proceed to get them done. 

I have many projects that are in the works; I need to finish them because I have other projects that I will soon need to get underway for the holidays. Writing time must be scheduled and stuck with but so must time for creating, for exercise, etc. I wear a lot of hats.

Since the day we bought my bike and Soëlie's bike seat, I have been very good about getting out, exercising and getting fresh air. That is a habit that is pretty well set, but with the arrival of poor weather (it is rainy and gray out, a true "fall" day; scratch that.  It's gorgeous out; I had to change into short sleeves), I know it won't be so easy to keep up. I have to make the effort, though, for both Soëlie's sake and mine.

I'll probably post my to-do lists here each day, behind a cut. I know my mundane doings are not of interest to the population living outside my brain, but I like keeping track of such things and I'd rather waste LJ pixels than paper.

So, today:
what to do, what to do )

I want to keep adding stuff, but that is enough for today. I have to have unplanned free moments, too.

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NaNoWriMo's April offering, Scriptfrenzy, is just around the corner. I wanted to participate this year, but that was before the Witherwilds trilogy reared its head and bit me on the tush. I guess trying my hand at a screenplay will have to wait. I don't really mind the delay; working on two MSS and a synopsis for a third hasn't left me much time to plan my movie idea. That's another goal that will have to be scratched off this year's sheet.

Speaking of the synopsis, the focus ends today, and I'm feeling pretty good with the synop I ended up with. If you want to see an easy-to-digest list of the points we learned, check out

[profile] hkneale's post "Suddenly, synops aren't so scary."

Another thing that will be ending soon is the fifth round on the [profile] novel_in_90 community. (Never fear, another will start April 1st.) By March 31st, I aim to have 67,500 words (the comm goal) on The Bitter River. I'm almost 14k short of that now, and the problem is that I've hit a slump of sorts. Since I haven't been writing scenes in order, I feel like I'm endlessly repeating myself. I need to bring in another character and tie up some stuff I left hanging at the very beginning, but I haven't quite got my whys and wherefores figured out. Plowing on seems to be the only solution, but I don't know the direction in which I should set my plow.

My OWW membership is up in less than two weeks. Must think to renew.

And, sadly, the end is nigh for the Six Nations rugby tournament. The last three matches will be played tomorrow. France could take it, but we'd have to beat Wales by more than 20 points. I'm not really sure we can do that after the way we played against Italy. Granted a lot of different players have been selected for this match.  However! The 6Nations may be wrapping up, but French season is still going strong so I have lots of Top 14 matches to watch, and the Super 14 (the season for the top South African, New Zealand, and Australian teams) started recently, so I guess I'll get my fix that way. Oh, and the European cup should start up again soon... 

With all the rugby, I feel like I'm watching too much tv, but the sixth season of Nouvelle Star, the French version of American Idol, just started and [profile] mana_trini got me hooked. *sigh* It's a wonder I find time to write.

Oh, [profile] magicnoire, I got my kundalini yoga DVD the other day. I like it so far! (Our DVD player is bugging out, so I haven't got to do all the routines yet.)


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Remember the other day when I wrote that whiny, doubting Thomas, quasi permission-seeking entry? And in that entry, I seemed to think that any project X I took up to while away the time needed to do and process research on the The Bitter River would assuredly be easier to write? Remember how I insinuated stated flat out that it would be brainless?

Well, of course, that made the ol' brain hitch up its britches, jut out is jaw, and huff, "Brainless! Brainless!? I'll show you!"

Taking a comment from a discussion I was having with [personal profile] tatterpunkand completely disregarding the whole point of another project (something easier and quicker to finish), the brain came back with an idea. For a trilogy.





Oh Lord.

[profile] mana_trini naturally said, "You always have big ideas, don't you?" Yes, I do, but they are big in different ways.

So much for writing something that will give me any quick returns on completion satisfaction. Good thing when I signed up for this writing thing, it was for life.


4 Jan 2008 09:18 am
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[profile] mana_trini and I were supposed to ferry to Grande Terre today to go to the library, among other things, but he's seeing the doc right now. He had a blister on the back of his heel, and the other night, he and his team stopped a kwasa (boat of illegal immigrants). What do the two things have to do with one another? Well, the kwasa has a capacity of 10 or so, and they frequently load as many as 45-50 people in them. Then, they spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours trying to make it to the Mahorais coast--with no toilets and nowhere to land to do the necessaries. And because most of them can't swim... So, add that to the zebu patties and goat droppings swimming in the hull and you get a ripe bacterial soup.

Open wound, stop kwasa, step in soup... Yeah, not pretty. It happened to another fellow here and he almost lost his foot. No joke. I hope the antibiotics the doc gives him are efficacious.

So, I guess I'll do yoga, write 1k (1102), vacuum, do the grocery shopping, wax my dreads, and watch rugby instead

ETA: I even went for a short bike ride and worked on my query letter. Productive day. I think I deserve to take it fairly easy tomorrow. :-P


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