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since I finished writing well after midnight, but here are this week's stats:

Tonight's words: 507
Days of writing: 5
Weekly count: 2648


Here's to an easier week next week. 
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I don't know if I should be coming back to LJ-land yet, but well, here I am.  I went offline to force myself to get some writing done, and I did, two chapters' worth (4.5K words).  But I'm still three chapters away from the end. I knew when I decided to write the story that these chapters would be the toughest, hence why I saved them for last. I'm not sure now that that was such a brilliant idea. It makes getting to The End that much harder. As if finishing a book needs to be any harder.

I need to do what all writers and concerned friends of writers counsel and Just Write the First Draft. I know that, but the fears of inadequacy, they cripple me.  And they have spilled over into my dreams of late.

In one dream, I had to infiltrate a diabolical sect, but I couldn't even worship the Devil correctly. He refused me!

Last night, I dreamed that I could not take a photograph to save my life. Everything was against me: the light faded; no matter how hard I tried, the image refused to be framed correctly; the camera malfunctioned. Lots of factors outside my control, but I stupidly just kept pushing the button, pushing the button. Finally I turned to another subject, but again, everything went wrong. I thought that I should stop and check my camera, see if it was on, if it had charged batteries, etc. but no, I kept pushing the button.

So I woke up this morning, secure in the knowledge that I feel inadequate, that I have performance anxiety.  Only, I already knew that.  What I need now is the kick to get me past it.

I don't know what to do besides accept that this draft will not be perfect--nor will the next--and just keep typing one word after the next. Yet, that feels frighteningly like pushing the button.

Any advice from the masses who have trod this hellishly hard way before me?
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The end of this one was very difficult to write. Very...squicky.  We'll see later if the squick stays.  For now, 938 words means the chapter is finished at 4103.

Two Lelo chapters to go, and 2.5 for Srila.

FWIW, no writing tomorrow. Going to Paris. I'll do tomorrow's "writing about writing" question on Monday.
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 Forgot to report last night, so:

Yesterday - 1502
Today - 2107

Will complete Lelo's 4th chapter tomorrow and hopefully make headway on Srila's 7th. That is the plan anyhow. If the brain does not continue to rebel.


9 Jun 2010 11:49 pm
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Not a full chapter today.  Just 1019 words.  

Still on track to finish, though, provided a clearer plan for this chapter occurs to me tomorrow...
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I completed another chapter today.

This, my friends, is what we call a roll.

words today: 2383

Chapter total: 2622

Chapters to completion: 6

Completion target: July 1 

Acceptable completion date: July 15

But I don't *cough* have a goal or anything.

Oh, and I passed 100K tonight. Woot?
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Wrote another chapter today.  It was a short one, only 1613 words, but I'll take it.

And be happy, too. Especially considering I've hit the 97K mark on this novel.  I *really* want to keep it under 120K and I have 7 more chapters to write. If I can keep them around 3K each, I should be OK.  One that comes in at a mere 1.6K is just fine and dandy. :) In fact, I'll take another.

ETA: Started next chapter: 430 words.  Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] frigg , for telling me I should. :P

Go, me!

6 Jun 2010 10:12 pm
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 Wrote an entire chapter today. 2412 words.  Oh, ok, 309 words of the chapter's 2721 total are from months ago, but still: Yay, me!

Make that 4 Srila chapters to write and 4 for Lelo!

I don't think I can keep us this rhythm for the rest of the month, but I'll take each accomplishment as it comes.
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Last night, I reached 70K on my WIP after a 2336-word session. I'm actually feeling like I'm going to reach the end of this before the big trip.

Besides all the hassle and hustle-bustle of moving and getting back in touch with family, friends, and country that one has left for 3 years, I foresee a slacking of pace once I finish up Mirco's chapters. Which will happen by next Monday. I did the easy POV lines first, Baxente and Mirco, easy because their stories are independent of the other three POVs for the moment and I could write each one straight through.

When I get back into Srila, Qeoe, and Lelo's POVs, I'm going to have to worry more about timelines and how quickly info can travel, etc. I won't be able to get into one voice and write to the end of the line because what happens in one's POV will affect the other characters' actions and reactions. Fun in its own way, but trickier--for me--to write.

I'll climb that peak of plot mountain when I come to it. Now back to Mirco and my third chapter of the week...
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Despite the various headaches, doubts, and thorny problems thrown at me of late by my two projects, despite being ill, getting flooded-out, and going on vacation, I've had two very productive months. With only three days of non-writing, my totals look like this:

46 days = 47,146 on The Bitter River
11 days = 13,020 on Witherwilds

For a grand total of 60,166 since Jan. 1st. Probably two of the most productive months I've ever had with my writing because the prose is  sound. Well, more so than the NaNo project where every paragraph contained at least one sentence in all caps.

I've also ironed out a few more kinks with the Witherwilds trilogy, and the overall plot arc is looking more sound while the world's mythos continues to deepen and expand. I just have to keep reminding myself to have fun with it. What's the point of writing fantasy otherwise?

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Wrote a grand total of four words today. Yep. Four. No madlib there, (fill in user name :P ). Our lunch guests stayed for seven hours, and my morning was filled with rolling out and cooking the tortillas (was smart and made the dough last night), putting the pie together (same smartness with the tortillas applies to cutting the apples and making the pie crust), doing the rest of the cooking, and a spot of cleaning in the kitchen (oh, and I did a crit). By the time the guests left, I was beat and had a splitting headache. The meds have finally kicked in enough that my head has stopped spinning. Alas, it is 5 to midnight and I'm still beat. 

So, the ending is not for tonight. But I'll get it tomorrow. Just watch me.

ETA: I wanted to edit this and now can't remember why.
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As threatened:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
54,413 / 60,000
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Been more active on the writing front these past few days. Dispelling the indecision about the ending has really help re-ignite my desire to push on.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
53,435 / 60,000

I'll probably post another meter later in the day just because seeing silly little things like this makes a difference to my trickable writer brain.
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Not making much headway on my WIP on the new word front, but I have had some good discussions about it with writer buddies that have lead me to some much-needed solutions. I realized that I can't write a truly coherent, much less resonant, ending to the story as it stands. I have to go back and put in too much, build up character, etc for it to be worth my while to stress over the ending now. However, finish this draft I will. And before the end of December. It will take me less words than planned though because it needs must resemble a glorified outline more than true narrative. Not that I plan on writing crap (uh, yeah, Miquela, what have you written so far?); I just know that sparse is better when the thing has to be gutted anyway. Forward motion, O Spartan Drafter!

There have been a few words, so I'll do a meter (notice I've dropped my expected total from 80K to 60K):
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
52,020 / 60,000


5 Dec 2006 06:18 pm
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Not as much progress as I wanted to make today, but we are having dinner with J's cousin tonight, so I have to call it quits.

*steals pinkness from May*
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
51,107 / 80,000


5 Dec 2006 02:55 pm
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I'm participating in  FiReNoMo.  This is just what I need to help me get this first draft finished.  I'm such a sucker for writing challenges.  Unfortunately I only found out yesty and I had been taking a few days off to play with TiddlyWiki.  Fun, fun!

As things stand with the WIP, I have 50,275.  I'm thinking I have five major scenes to show in order to finish this skeleton.  So, I'm going to say I need 30K more.  That's the number I'll be aiming for to make concrete progress reports, but my true goal is to finish this ugly first draft.
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I have surpassed my monthly target by 27 words. Youpi! And with four days left, I should be able to get 30K easily, methinks. I just might finish this monster before the end of April.
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1563 words today. Only 600 some to get my 25K for January
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Since [livejournal.com profile] frigg obviously plans on keeping me here, at least for another month, I figure I had best start taking this blogging seriously. I've been planning on making progress reports on my writing, speaking more about my writing thoughts, etc. but I've been feeling too under the weather to do it. I still feel blurk--I shouldn't even still be up--yet, here I am trying to start the week off right.


Words for today: 105 (I'm amazed I was able to wrap my head around that many)

Words this month: 13,153 (aiming for 25K/month; will get one of those handy word meters soon)

Typo of the day: Typo(s)? Who knows. I'm too tired to look.

Darling of the day: it is much more likely that I had a typo than a darling today :o)

And now I will leave you with a general apology to anyone I've inflicted with one of my crits lately. I don't feel like I can write anything coherent; have no idea what makes me think I can review coherently...


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