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A propos of my last post, here is a video via [livejournal.com profile] frigg that shows a glimpse of a campaign to educate people here about sexual harassment:

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Or shall we just call it, "The State of Things." Forgive me, LJ, for it has been awhile since my last post.

I've never tried to put a cut under a cut, so be warned that when I say something vile happened, there should be an additional cut there to keep it out of public view unless you want to read it. If there is not a cut, don't read on, there's nothing more to see. :)

In which you can read about the State of Things )Vile Thing )

Anyhow. Did not mean to end on a tirade.SaveSaveSaveSave
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Not a fun morning; an admin morning.

I had to renew my passport and after toting a God-awful passport photo for the past ten years, I was determined to have a better one this time around. So, J and I spent HOURS on it. No, not trying to make me look better or Photoshop me...just to do the shot, select one, make website formatting tools play nice, and get our printer to work. After wasting sheets of photo paper and buckets of ink, I showed up to my appt with several options, size-wise.  Only to be told that they would not accept my background, which was white with a faint bluish cast, even though the "rules" state that off-white is fine. Argh. So I had to go across the street and have another taken, in which I look just as tired as the whole process makes me feel and all washed out to boot, thanks to wearing a white blouse.  

I was asked to bring along "proof" of my citizenship, just in case. And spent more HOURS looking for said proof yesterday, only not to be asked for anything at all. ( I had sorted all these papers into a special pile, and then, in the move-house frenzy, packed them, instead of refiling them.)

Thank goodness I only have to do this every ten years.

And the lesson of the day: Stick to my guns and only take a taxi with a meter. On the way to the consulate, I ended up accepting a ride with no meter, agreeing to pay 40 LE because J told me that was a good rate.  On the way back, we held out for a meter and only paid 20. o.O

Second lesson: If there are no signs saying which line you should be in, ask. Even if there is only one line.  I stood in the "wrong" line for 30 minutes. I actually had a feeling it was the wrong line but did not make a move earlier because I was waiting on J and didn't want to go inside without him since a) I had his passport, b) phones have to be off once inside. When the time for my appt arrived, however, and I was only five steps closer (out of about 30 more) to the door, I did jump the line and got to go directly inside.  I did not appreciate the slight smirk of the man at the barrier which seemed to say that he knew I was in the wrong place and could have done something about it.

I did get to see something unusual on the taxi ride this morning: A motorcycle passenger sitting sidesaddle, his ankle swathed in bandages, carrying his own foldable wheelchair.
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Ask a rhetorical question, I guess. I could have called this post "Wiped out," "The little piggy finally made it to the market," or "Out with the new in with the old, or the unboundless stupidity of some people."  Let's take those one by one, shall we?

Wiped out:

I'm so freaking tired. I feel like a wet noodle. No, worse. Noodles do not, to the best of my knowledge, have eyes that burn with fatigue. The doc gave me iron, potassium, and folic acid, as well as allergy medicine to take (have I already said that? I'm too tired to double check) until my blood tests come back, but so far, I don't feel them making any difference...

The little piggy finally made it to the market:

Yes, this morning, Julien and I got up at 5am to go to the craft market on Grande Terre. The fatigue is partly due to that fact, I know. It rained and it rained and it rained. There weren't a lot of visitors at the market, but I still managed to sell 96€ ($122) worth of stuff. I guess that isn't too bad for my first time out.  This coming week, I'll be busy doing more crafts because there are a few more markets to hit before Christmas.

Out with the new in with the old, or the unboundless stupidity of some people:

We no longer have a new computer. Long story very short: We bought it from a business that puts the pcs together themselves instead of through a chain, etc. The techs installed a modem that is not compatible with Linux. It created conflict with the sound and other things. We ferried our car over twice (15€ a pop) to try to get the prob resolved. Asshat-owner never calls us with an update as promised, so J calls back.

The verdict: Asshat wants us to buy a new modem that will cost us 50€ more than what was agreed. Instead of giving us the compatible modem and respecting the contract (which was signed and a down payment given before the construction of the pc) as a gesture of goodwill in regards to our phone and ferrying bills racked up because of THEIR incompetence, Asshat tells Julien, and I quote; "This isn't the Red Cross," and then hangs up on him.

Yes, you read that right. He hung up! What kind of business person is that????? Naturally, J was pissed and went straight to GT for a refund, which Asshat didn't want to give us. Don't worry. We got it today (a day late and by an employee). But...ARGH!!!!!

OK, I'm going to go chill out in front of some rugby. I need it. Sorry if this is typo-ridden and lacking in sense. Too tired to reread.


11 Feb 2008 10:42 am
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I know  [personal profile] kmkibble75posted a link to whale hunt photos a few days ago, and I must admit that just the word "grim" made me shudder and not want to click on it. I've seen footage of dolphin slaughter before and wasn't ready to see something similar. On the site, though, there's only one photo that opens immediately, and while it is sad, it isn't overly gruesome. I encourage you to check it out to read the accompanying article.

If the thought of what Japan is doing in the name of "scientific research" makes you more than a little hot under the collar and sick to the stomach, then sign the petition on this site. [personal profile] pjthompson, there's even a game where you can try to sink research hunting vessels.

For the record, let me say that I don't believe hunting FOR FOOD is wrong (as anyone who knows that  [profile] mana_trinihunts for our food can imagine)  IF the hunter respects the prey, and respect means leaving endangered/too-young/out of season animals the hell alone. There is such an abundance of foods to eat in this world that hunting a species to extinction to satisfy your palate is just twisted and wrong.
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Last night, our bicycle tires were stolen. Our first brush with theft on Mayotte, and I can tell you, it is not a pleasant feeling. Replacing four tires will run us about 300 euros. I'm speaking of buying the parts new because I refused to buy them used and possibly--who can say?--be buying my own tires back. In any case, I'm not perpetuating the problem by encouraging the market. So, the question becomes, buy new tires or a-whole-freakin' 'nother bike?

Finished and gone are the days of being a trusting fool. (Yes, the bikes were chained, but only the frames, not the tires. Stupid, stupid, lazy us.)


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